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Jungle Blankets

The jungle is a symbol of the wildness inside of us all, and by adding a custom jungle blanket to your home, you will bring a part of that natural vibrancy into your life. Imagine you are hiking through the jungle, parrots and toucans flying and singing in the trees, when you discover a majestic waterfall cascading over a sheer cliff face, creating a pool of water perfect for a cool swim. Now you can bring that image into your room with our jungle blankets. Or do you want something even more powerful, such as Angel Falls in Venezuela where water plummets more than two thousand feet from a river in the mountainous jungle? If you desire peace more than adventure, a place to just sit back and relax or meditate, we have the ideal jungle blanket designs for you too, including a stream splashing over smooth rocks amidst dense green foliage, a family of six parrots, lavishly colored in yellow, red and green perched side by side on a branch, or sunlight breaking through the thick canopy of the jungle.

A decorative jungle throw blanket adds pizzazz to any room, whether its draped on the couch or hung on the wall. When someone walks into your home and sees a bridge made from rope and wood hanging from trees, they'll know that this is no ordinary residence. Jungle themed fleece blankets also make a great addition to your kids rooms.

Children will love the possibilities and uniqueness offered by the idea of distant jungles when they look at their blankets displaying illustrations of grinning monkeys swinging in trees, tongue-wagging lions, a koala bear climbing a eucalyptus tree, and adorable baby elephants, snakes and zebras making silly faces. Our fleece jungle blankets are going to make your home a place where the feeling of unspoiled nature never leaves.

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