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Astronaut Fabric

Astronaut Fabric

* Custom Size Fabric
* Extra Wide Astronaut Fabric
* Great for Quilts!

Travel to outer space with custom astronaut fabric patterns and designs! See graphics of astronauts among the stars or actual photos of space ships. A featured graphic has an astronaut that is fully suited up and floating through a deep blue atmosphere. He is not completely out in space because clouds are visible around him and a tall cliff looms bellow him. In the background is the outline of the moon that is just starting to show.

Also see a graphic of an astronaut on a black background that is soaring through the sky. His arms and legs are extended as though he has just pushed off of something and is now floating quickly forward. Step into a digital future with a girl in a futuristic space suit.

The background is filled with several man-made planets in disrepair. Or pick a graphic with a man that is in an astronaut robot suit. Several planets and moons float in close proximity behind him and the stars glitter the space as far as the eye can see.

Try astronaut fabric with actual images of outer space. See an artistic picture that shows the underside of a rocket before it is launched. From the vantage point it looks like the rocket is tall enough to touch the sky.

Or take a look at the image with a rocket that is in the process of launching. Flames shoot from underneath it and the whole surrounding area is filled with billowing smoke. The launch tower is hardly noticeable as the smoke engulfs it.

Choose between several images of astronauts that are suited up for launch as well. A stunning black and white image that catches the eye features an astronaut standing in front of a shaded, black background. The dark setting and the white suit create a visually pleasing look.

NOTE: Camera & Copyright marks will NOT be on actual product. Each Design Can Be Customized!

NOTE: Camera & Copyright marks will NOT be on actual product. Each Design Can Be Customized!