Moving in Together: Tips for Couples Merging Households


Moving in together is such an exciting time in a relationship. You will get to wake up next to each other every morning, and fall asleep with one another at night. Every basic part of your day at home will now include your partner.

The number of people in the United States who are living with their partner but are not married to them (which is also called cohabitating), has been on the rise every year since the early 90’s. It has actually more than doubled since then, and most Americans have lived with their partner before marrying them.

While this is such an exciting time, there can be stressors that come along with it. Learning to live with another person, no matter how much you enjoy their company, is a difficult transition.

You will have to decide on how to decorate, which can be difficult if your decorating styles are different. The bedroom is a particularly tricky place to decorate if you and your partner don’t see eye to eye on decorating. Luckily, there are some ways to make decorating your bedroom possible while keeping both of you happy with the look. These ideas include:

  • Find Ways to Compromise
  • Decide What Stays and What Goes
  • Identify Must-Keep Items
  • Try Pairing Down When You Can’t Agree
  • When in Doubt, Go Grey

Finds Ways to Compromise

When decorating your bedroom with your partner, you both will have to find ways to compromise. If you don’t want your partner only incorporating their style into the bedroom, you have to be willing to let go of your style a bit, as well. Find nice blends of things from your style and things from your partner’s style, and also be open to things you wouldn’t normally allow in your bedroom décor.

You will both have to give a little in order to reach a happy medium in the decorating. By doing so, you will both be happy and will also be able to work on learning to enjoy your partner’s decorating style along with your own. Merging two households also means merging to décor styles, so compromising is key.


Decide What Stays and What Goes

There will be quite a bit of furniture, décor, and other bedroom items that your partner just doesn’t want in their bedroom when they move in. The same will go for the stuff that is currently in your partner’s bedroom – you may not want much of that in your bedroom. Both of you will have to go through your items and decide what might work for your bedroom together and what will definitely not work. You can sell, donate, or just throw away whatever items the two of you don’t think will work.

Identify Must-Keep Items

Both you and your partner will have items that you simply won’t get rid of. These items may be sentimental such as keepsakes, photos, or other memorabilia. Neither of you should have to sacrifice your personal sentimental items. Instead, you should find a way to incorporate both of your personal items into your bedroom décor.

Photos could be used to create a collage wall, and paper keepsakes could be put into scrapbooks that match the rest of the décor in your room so that they can sit on a shelf and double as décor as well.

Whatever it is that you absolutely will not give up, make a plan for it within the bedroom, and do the same for your partner’s must-keep items. Be up front about it, and make it clear what you aren’t willing to part with. Encourage your partner to do the same so neither of you causes offense by suggestion certain things to be discarded.

Try Pairing Down When You Can’t Agree

If you and your partner can’t agree on what type of décor to use in your bedroom, it might be a better idea to try a minimalist approach for a while, instead. This way, you will have a chance to live together and get to know one another’s styles a little better.

If you are both trying to cram every item into your bedroom that you personally enjoy without considering what your partner likes, you will end up with a crowded, cluttered bedroom that neither of you likes. The minimalist approach would definitely be more livable and enjoyable while you and your partner try to decide what will be best for your bedroom décor.

To become more familiar with the minimalist approach to decorating, you can find videos on YouTube to give you some inspiration. In fact, there are entire bedroom tours of minimalist bedrooms on YouTube.


When in Doubt, Go Grey

Grey has become the most popular color choice for bedroom walls. There are so many different shades of grey that you and your partner should be able to find one that you both agree on.

Grey is also an easy color to match other décor to. Many different comforter sets, wall art items, rugs, and lamps can be found in shades of gray or other colors that complement gray walls. Being a popular, versatile color, grey will fit into any style.

The key to moving in with boyfriend or moving in with girlfriend is to find items, colors, themes, or styles that you both agree on. Grey could be the perfect start to finding those agreeable items.

Final Thoughts on Moving in Together

Moving in with a boyfriend or girlfriend is such an exciting time in your relationship. It is a huge step and could lead to even more serious steps in the relationship. Although it is a happy event in both of your lives, there are still stressors to think about. One of the biggest issues is deciding on bedroom décor that you will both enjoy. If you follow the tips given above, however, those stressors can be avoided and you will both be happy with the final result of the bedroom.