A Simple Guide to Creating A Minimalist Bedroom

Your bedroom is meant to be a place of relaxation. It’s an escape from the hustle of the outside world. When it’s time to get away from everything and recharge, we as humans instinctively turn to this place of solitude.

In theory, at least, our bedroom is supposed to be these things. Unfortunately, for many people, it’s the exact opposite. It ends up being a place of over-stimulation filled with poster, televisions, and reminders of external pressures.

Creating a minimalist bedroom can help change that. If done successfully, it can create a space that fosters relaxation and recharging.

There are many benefits to a minimalist design. For one, it helps improve sleeping patterns. Cell phones, televisions, and everyday gadgets that probably dominate your room will either keep you awake or lower your sleep quality.

It is also far easier to maintain. Reducing clutter will make things easier to clean and help locate necessities. If you have a hard time getting everything you need ready for the day, get rid of the things you don’t need.

If you have a cluttered room around you, you’ll end up having a cluttered mind.

We’ve decided to create a simple, minimum (see what we did there) guide to creating a minimalist bedroom. Let’s look at ways to make a space to unwind after a long day.

Electronics Are Not Meant for a Bedroom

That television that you keep in your room has to go. It has no place in a minimalist bedroom. We know that this is a hard pill to swallow but bear with me.

First off, as discussed in the WebMD article above, it’s messing with your ability to get a good nights sleep. It’s a constant reminder of the outside world, which leads to stress.

It also turns the bed into a place to binge watch NetFlix on the weekend instead of relaxing. The minute your brain associates your bed with anything other than relaxation, you’ve got problems.

Retrain your body. Get rid of the television. At first, it will seem strange to use your bedroom for it’s intended purpose, but after a few days, you will wish you would have done it sooner.

Your Bed

There are some people that will tell you that for a minimalist bedroom, you should get rid of your plush mattress. This is true if you are going minimalist for philosophical reasons.

If you are trying this for a more relaxing experience, get whatever bed makes you feel more comfortable. As long as your bed doesn’t take up a large portion of your room, go with what works for you.

You do want something that is as non-discreet as possible. Having gold sheets and a bed frame that looks like it was inspired by Game of Thrones might look awesome, but it also distracts the mind away from resting.

Also, determine what kind of bedding you would like. This really has to do with what you find to be more comfortable.

A platform bed works wonders for a minimalist bedroom. Not only is it easy to maintain, but it tends to fade into the background, which will send a message to your mind to do the same.

For your sheets, simple colors are your best bet. A soft blue or gray color will not only look great in your new minimalist bedroom but will calm your brain down after a hard day.


Curtains are often over-looked in rooms, but they can be especially important. When it’s time to get going in the morning, opening them up and letting the sun in will trigger your brain into action.

At night, however, when it’s time to rest, you want to block out the outside world. Remember that the minimalist bedroom is a place meant for solitude and keeping external pressures out of sight and out of mind.

You will want to find custom sized curtains that can achieve both of these goals. Too often, the one size fits all curtains will either let outside light in or end up being bulky and distracting.

The same rules apply with these curtains as they do with the sheets on your bed. Vibrant colors will make your brain feel like it is time to get up and start working. You want it to shut down and chill out.

Have them match your bed sheets to create a uniform color base. This will let your mind know that it’s okay to zone out and drift off. Our brains are designed to look for patterns and find comfort in them.

If there is a difference from one item to the next, we unconsciously begin to look for order in what we perceive as chaos. Just keep it simple, there’s no need to show how hip you are when you are trying to sleep.

A Minimalist Bedroom Calls for Clean Walls

It’s the same premise with the walls. No need to get fancy. Unfortunately, that means that the Harry Potter posters have to go.

You will want uniformity. There should be a seamless transition between your walls, bed, and curtains in a minimalist bedroom.

While it might seem nice to have pictures of your favorite movies and bands or reminders up your family on them, it’s not conducive to what you are trying to accomplish.

You want to rest and not worry about the outside world for 8 hours. You can’t do that if the outside world has invaded your space!

When designing your minimalist bedroom, look at everything and ask yourself if you need this item for the primary function of the minimalist bedroom. If the answer to that question is no, then figure something else out to do with it.

Minimalist Bedroom

You don’t have to throw everything away. Just simply put it somewhere where it serves a purpose. Minimalism isn’t about getting rid of things, it’s about putting them where they serve their purpose the best.

It is okay to have some kind of artwork on a wall, but don’t overdo it. A painting is fine. The entire Dali collection covering your entire room isn’t.


There are things that you will need in your room that might not seem “minimalist”, but they serve a purpose. The key is to make sure that they aren’t taking away from the primary reason behind you minimalist bedroom.

For example, an alarm clock is a necessity for most people. Having it is fine unless it’s one that blares out Fall Out Boy and alerts you of notifications on Facebook every five minutes.

Get something basic, set it, and be done with it. No need for anything fancy.

If you use your phone as an alarm, then make sure you move your bed away from any outlets where you will charge it. If you don’t, you will end up checking it while laying down.

This adds stress to your brain and makes you associate your bedroom as a social or workplace. Also, say goodbye to your laptop for 8 hours. If you just started groaning, you’re proving my point.

There are some other accessories that you can add as long as they relax your mind. Plants work well, as they not only get in touch with the more primitive parts of our brain in an evolutionary sense, but they have a calming effect.

Jasmine is an excellent choice, as there is scientific evidence to show that it helps you sleep better.

A small bench to sit on while getting ready and a desk in which to keep items is alright as well. They serve a purpose, so it’s alright. If you find you are putting figurines on your desk, then it might be time to remove it. A minimalist bedroom should only have what’s needed.


If you don’t have a door for your closet, you should get one.


Uniformity. An open closet breaks it, which makes your brain start to wonder what’s going on.

Inside of your closet, you should get rid of the random boxes and those things that you swore you were going to use. If it’s been in your closet for more than a month, are you really going to do anything with it?

Organize your clothing. This brings uniformity as well as making it easier to find what you need, which alleviates stress. Getting rid of stress is one of the main benefits to a minimalist bedroom.

Shirts in one area, pants in another. Shoes in some type of container so that they don’t end up all over the floor. Your nighttime attire should be somewhere separate from your daytime things.

Unless your nighttime and daytime attire is the same. Who are we to judge?

For socks and underwear, there are two ways to go about this. You can either get a small dresser for these items specifically, or you can get some type of storage unit to put them in your closet.

There are actually dressers meant to be put into a minimalist bedroom if you want one in yours.

Your closet should basically serve the purpose of a closet. It’s a place to put clothes, not random items that you have accumulated throughout the years.

If these items don’t serve a purpose somewhere in your home, then it’s time to take them to a Goodwill or any other charity of your choice!. This not only gets rid of clutter, but it helps the community. A minimalist bedroom is a clutter-free bedroom.

Random Tips for Helping Your Minimalist Bedroom Serve Its Purpose

These aren’t really minimalist bedroom design tips as much as they are about helping you to relax and put your mind in a state that is ready for relaxing when you get in there. Specifically here are some minimal bedroom tips for single women.

First, no caffeine six hours before bed. There’s no point in lying down if you mind is going to be racing after a double shot espresso.

Second, stay off the internet and your phone a few hours before bed. We know it seems like the world might come to an end if you aren’t constantly checking it, but trust me, this will improve your sleep.

If you have a hard time with this, try reading. This not only helps your brain get ready for rest, but it will also keep your eyes off of the lights of the electronic devices that you aren’t using.

With that said, try to read in your living room. You don’t want to train your brain into thinking that the bedroom is for anything other than sleeping. You will find that this will help you fall asleep much faster and sleep better.

Creating a minimalist bedroom only works if you take steps to make sure you are prepared for sleep when you get into it.

We Can Help You!

Setting up a minimalist bedroom can seem like a lot of work, especially if your current setup is cluttered and filled with unnecessary things. However, once you do get it finished, your life will be far easier than it was before.

Black And White Minimalist Bedroom

Not only will you sleep better, you will have far less maintenance. Cleaning will become a five-minute chore every few days, and other areas of your life will improve as well because of how well rested you are.

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