Minimal and Dreamy Bedroom Ideas for Single Women

Bedroom Ideas for Women

Are you looking to update your bedroom decor?

If you’re looking to take a minimalist approach to your bedroom, then look no further for inspiration and ideas. We’ve got several to help take a room for a single woman from drab to dreamy, minimalist fab.

Read on for a list of beautiful bedroom ideas for women to help you transform what you have into the one you’ve always dreamed of, and without spending too much money.

Grab a pen and paper, or your phone, and get ready to make a wishlist for your perfect decor.

Soft and Feminine: Mixing Gray, Pink, White and Gold

Mix up your room with pinks, whites and a little bit of grey to create the perfect femme, but minimal balance. Choose a light pink headboard, as well as light pink and gold accessories, such as the table lamps.

Accessorizing with gray or gold side tables can also help tie the color scheme together so you’re not overloaded with pink and white. A gray marble or gold framed mirror over the bed to match the tables, can tie the decor together a bit more, ensuring that one color doesn’t overwhelm the space.

For this simple bedroom idea, ensure that you pick comfortable, but stylish, white sheets and a white bedspread. For throw pillows, keep it white to keep it as minimal and bright as possible, but try and experiment with a fuzzy throw pillow or two. Use a pink throw blanket as well to create even more dimension.

For further accessories in this bedroom, decide on either a white or gray for the other furniture like couches or chairs.

Lastly, tie the whole look together with white curtains with pink, gold or gray trim. If you find a curtain with all three, it may well be the perfect one for such a space.

You may wish to play with color palette generators to figure out which femme color scheme works the best for you.

Play with Lighting or Add Fairy Lights

It isn’t just your lamps and lampshades themselves that will determine how winsome the room looks. You also need to take lighting itself into account, and adding it in the right place can add a touch of dreaminess and softness.

Although it may seem like a college dorm room thing, you can add a touch of whimsy with white Christmas lights if draped in the right space. Don’t go overboard, of course, but a touch of them on a bookshelf or draped down a wall adds soft warmth to the room. They’re always especially appreciated on a cool winter’s night.

If white Christmas lights seem a little bit college dorm room-esque for you, there are still plenty of ways you can work with the lighting. You may wish to consider a string of Edison bulb lights or lights of another shape.

You may also wish to consider exposed Edison bulbs as an overhead feature or strung across the ceiling. They look especially nice next to dark exposed brick or overhead. Edison bulbs, which were created to resemble the original light bulb, are perfect are making a major comeback and look fantastic in most modern spaces.

Playing With an Exposed Brick Wall

If you’ve moved into an apartment or space with an exposed brick wall, you may be wondering how in the world you’re going to make it feminine. But exposed brick doesn’t have to be exclusively masculine.

We discussed in the past section that fairy or Christmas lights on exposed brick can make it look femme, but how else can we liven up the space?

The key is to contrast the exposed brick with the rest of the room. If the exposed brick is white, you can proceed as you would with a white room, but if not you’ll need to play down the exposed brick by surrounding it with light and airy colors like light greens and blues, pinks and whites.

Pushing your light furniture up to it is one way to do this, and it can easily make the exposed brick appear instantly feminine. Pushing your bed with a light-colored frame or headboard is a perfect way to do this.

You may also wish to hang some art on the wall, but make sure if you do, it is framed with white or gray frames. Black or brown frames may play up the exposed brick.

Add Drama with a Canopy

Do you want to make a big statement with your room? If so, go for a canopy in a feminine color like light blue, light green, white or pink. Hang it just above your bed, and it instantly adds but a touch of glamor and drama to your space. It also gives your room a bit of an old-fashioned aristocratic feel.

If you have a four-poster bed, you may wish to drape the canopy over the entire bed, tying it off on each side of the poster to create depth of color and to play with the space a little bit.

The Perfect Bedroom Ideas for Women Who Want a Dreamy Minimalist Space

Has this bedroom ideas for women blog post made you feel ready to makeover your room yet? We hope so, and that you now have a better idea of what it is exactly you wish to do with your bedroom.

If you’re still stuck, or you want to peruse a few more articles, check out our list of women’s bedroom ideas to find the perfect place for you!