Top 10 Home Decorating Blogs

Do you read blogs documenting gorgeous home makeovers, but get frustrated when it doesn’t explain how you could re-create the look, or better yet, create something similar that expresses your own personality? We scoured the Internet for ten breathtaking blogs that teach you the decorating skills needed to craft a designer home – without hiring a designer. These ten blogs go much further than photos of their own home or quick tips.

In each blog, you’ll find help decorating your own home from people decorating their home. You’ll find a couple of blogs from professionals, but both tackle decorating from a teaching perspective.

Let this quick list wet your appetite for knowledge. In this article, we’ll introduce you to these ten decorating for real-life blogs.

    • In Just a Girl and Her Blog by Abby Lawson, the author uses her own two story home as a model for showcasing decorating how tos, holiday themes and helping others get the hang of not so basic basics like pillow placement, mixing plaids and hanging wreaths on the outside of windows.
    • Melissa Michaels expands upon the decorating advice she writes in her book Dwelling in her blog, The Inspired Room. She covers how to create a home that takes care of the people living in it.
    • The blog Worthing Court by Suzy combines her knowledge from interior design coursework with experience as the former owner and operator of a custom drapery and soft home furnishings workroom. You’ll learn about fabrics, home staging and how to get a designer look on your own.
    • Educated in interior design, blogger Lizzie Marie now coin-owns White Cottage Farm with her husband. In Lizzie Marie Blog, she teaches by example as the couple decorates their fixer upper farm house in west Michigan with new and vintage pieces.
    • Married couple Kathy and Steve write Oh Me Oh My Blog, a lifestyle blog covering design, do-it-yourself and home style.
    • Kathy began blogging in 1997 with The Budget Decorator which she continues to write. She blogs on decorating accessories, styling bathrooms, bedrooms, kids’ rooms, kitchens, living spaces, small spaces and repurposing/reusing.
    • Matt Fox and Shari Hiller, the hosts of HGTV’s “Room by Room” author Matt and Shari Decorating to expound on the topics covered in their book, “Real Decorating For Real People.” They provide a decorating guide with decorating tips and advice for every room of the home.
    • The Spruce covers it all – décor, garden, home repair, special occasion and holiday decorating and cleaning.
  • The blog Nina Hendrick Decorating provides how tos on decorating the entire home and infusing it with your personal style.

Just a Girl and Her Blog

Abby Lawson covers decorating and organization offering up general advice, seasonal and holiday decorating how to articles. Her articles range from whole room redos like “Organized Mudroom Reveal,” “Built-In Mudroom Bench, Shelf, and Coat Hooks” and “Dining Room Updates!” to holiday décor like “Red and Aqua Christmas Shelf Décor,” “Our Christmas Home Tour – Part 1,” “Our Christmas Home Tour – Part 2,” “How to Hang Christmas Wreaths on Exterior Windows” and “Traditional Christmas Porch Décor.” Lawson also features specifics find in blogs like “30+ Beautiful Dining Room Storage Pieces” and season blogs such as, “Fall Front Porch Décor.”

The Inspired Room

Melissa Michaels offers advice that gets you started simply by improving “Simple Changes for a Cleaner Home,” “7 Quick Tips to Transform Your Space” and “7 Days to Falling in Love with Your Home.” Michaels also writes specific topic articles like “Dutch Door FAQ” and “Rattan Day Bed/Throw Blanket” to explain how to get an exact look. Her “shop this look” pages let the reader find the precise items needed to recreate a look.

Melissa Michaels offers advice that gets you started simply by improving “Simple Changes for a Cleaner Home,” “7 Quick Tips to Transform Your Space” and “7 Days to Falling in Love with Your Home.” Michaels also writes specific topic articles like “Dutch Door FAQ” and “Rattan Day Bed/Throw Blanket” to explain how to get an exact look. Her “shop this look” pages let the reader find the precise items needed to recreate a look.

Ideas and Inspiration from Ballard Design

If you learn best aurally, use the Ballard Design podcast, but if the written word works better for you, the blog offers instruction on the basics, room by room and seasonal decorating. Start with “5 Common Decorating Mistakes and How to Fix Them” or “8 Reasons to Use Pattern in Your Room” then work your way up to specific topics like “How to Create a Canopy for Your Bedroom,” “Best Sofas for Dogs – Our Guide to Pet-Friendly Furniture,” “Dress Up Your Topiary for the Holidays” and “8 Centerpieces for Your Dining Table When You’re Not Entertaining.”

Worthing Court

Suzy uses her many years of experience to teach via her blog and e-book. Her free e-book, “How to Decorate Like You Hired a Designer,” gets you started. Her blog expands on the e-book topics with introductions like “How To Decorate Your Home On The Cheap,” “How To Decorate: Let’s Solve Your Toughest Design Challenges,” “How To Make A Kitchen Look Brand New Without A Remodel – Before And After” and “What A Difference Draperies Make In A Room.” You can start small by decorating a single room, the coffee table or changing the drapes with the blogs “Why Decorating With White Room Accessories Will Make Your Home Look Amazing,” “How To Create A Fall Centerpiece With Luxurious Velvet Pumpkins,” “How To Style Your Coffee Table For Fall Or Any Season In 5 Minutes,” “7 Easy Ways To Give Your Home A Late Summer Perk Up” and “How To Make Lined, Flat Drapes Just Like The Pros Do: Part I – It’s Easy.”

Lizzie Marie Blog

Lizzie Marie calls White Cottage Farm, “the found cottage” because she mixes new and vintage pieces to style it. Using these found items and her interior design experience, she completes a project on her own home first, documenting it in her blog. She then writes a teaching blog that explains how to recreate the look. Learn “How to Transition From Fall To Winter Decor” or how to style a specific home area in titles like “DIY Christmas Ornament Gallery Wall,” “One Christmas Mantle Three Ways,” “French Door Handle Update & Cozy Christmas Porch” and “Christmas In The Greenhouse.”

Oh Me Oh My

Kathy’s many years of experience in decorating and blogging help this style blog find the oft ignored areas of a home and provide the help needed to style them. It’s often these overlooked areas that make an otherwise well-appointed home seem unfinished. She covers the hall in “Clever Ways to Decorate Your Hallway” and the attic in “7 Awesome Attic Transformations.” Get help on small rooms with titles like “Small Bathroom Ideas & DIY Projects.” Articles like “6 Shades of Gray! – Trendy Favorites” offer an introduction into the use of color.

The Budget Decorator

Kathy’s original blog covers virtually every aspect of decorating from accessories to repurposing furniture. In this blog she also addresses overlooked rooms with articles like “Teen Bedroom Decorating Tips, Tricks & Projects” and “How to Paint Wall Murals for Kids – 10 Easy DIY Projects.” She still throws in seasonal help blogs like “Fall Decorating : 10 Ways to Make Your Home Fall Cozy.” Another specialty of Kathy’s is remaking old pieces. Tackle a new office look with “12 Fabulous Filing Cabinet Makeovers” or dress up the porch with “One Day Curb Appeal Ideas & Projects.”

Matt and Shari Decorating

You’ll find decorating ideas that give you new decorating projects for each room, how to decorate blogs, color theory, styles of decorating and furniture, how to accessorize a room, lighting techniques, plus seasonal and exterior décor.

The Spruce

The Spruce covers decorating, plus special occasion and holiday decorating and cleaning. You’ll learn from titles like “Room by Room Decorating Basics,” “5 Ways to Create a Pinterest-Worthy Room (and Make People Jealous of Your Home!),” “Make Your Home Over With Free Home Decorating Catalogs” and “Awesome Decorating and Color Ideas for Every Room in Your Home.” The blogs go beyond the general to the specific like “Window Treatments for Every Room in the Home” and “High Ceilings: Both a Blessing and a Curse.”

Nina Hendrick Decorating

You’ll learn how to decorate your entire home from Nina Hendrick. She teaches both the elements of various styles through article such as “7 Elements of New England Style” and “10 Ways to Add Character to a White Kitchen.” You’ll also learn the basics like “How to Start Your Home Makeover” and how to tackle windows or specific rooms through titles including “Stylish Budget Window Treatments” and “Powder Room Inspiration.”
Use these blogs to get started on your home decorating journey. We’ll continue to bring you more helpful learning resources in the future.