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Surfer Blankets

When you are away from the shore, all you think about is getting back out to the sun and waves with your board, but you can have a part of surfing with you at home with our custom surfer blankets. What is the biggest wave you ever caught? There's nothing wrong with a little bit of exaggerating when it comes to surfing, so choose a blanket design featuring a surfer riding a huge wave as it curls over his head and tell everyone that you've done the same. You'll also enjoy our blankets showing a surfer doing an aerial spin, a young surfer in a wetsuit holding his board on a grey, desolate beach as he looks out into the ocean and prepares to surf in the rain, or an illustrated gold trophy figure surfing a golden board on a wave of hundred dollar bills. There is more than one way to surf, so we also have blankets with a windsurfer cruising across dark blue waters or a girl heading towards the shore with her boogie board.

Decorate your own room with a blanket depicting the cluttered bedroom of a typical surfer, with a surfboard leaning against the wall, an electric bass guitar, an old stereo system, a cat and of course a bong on the desk Honor the great surfing locales of Hawaii by hanging up a throw blanket with stylized writing over silhouettes of palm trees saying Hawaii, Surfer Honolulu, Waikiki, Waves, and more.

If you're so obsessed with surfing that you keep chasing waves after dark, choose a blanket with a surfer heading back into the water as the sky turns violet and blue at sunset. And of course, after a long day of surfing, surfers love to have a laugh, so chill out with a funny surfer blanket such as a chubby penguin wearing shades and carrying a surfboard.

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