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Surfer Window Curtains

Surfer styled custom size drapes are made to order in ANY size you need, in sheer or black out fabric.

Professional surfboarders make the sport look so cool and extreme that it is no wonder pre-teen and teenagers become so interested so quickly. Whether you live near the beach or not, surfer window curtains are most likely a piece of decor adolescent boys will appreciate. They show off a sport which is extreme and takes place in a setting which is colorful and makes for an interesting design. Younger boys might appreciate a more cartoon-ish feel to the decor in their bedrooms.

One great idea for surfer window curtains in a child or pre-teen's room is a design portraying a surfing gecko. This colorful image shows the gecko hanging ten and having the time of his life. It is perfect for younger occupants because it is colorful but also brings the element of surfboarding into the bedroom -- a design which is not too childish, but not too grown up.

Another idea which is great for that in-between age is a colorful, abstract design. Surfer window curtains are available that are a bit more artistic, showing off a vector of a guy surfing in the sunset. With exaggerated colors for the sky of yellow and red and excessively curly waves, this is not a picture that is too extreme, so it is great for the younger crowd.

However, it still brings the element of the beach and the extreme to the room. The more grown-up surf-loving teenager might appreciate a more photographic approach to this beach decor. One design shows a surfer walking across a beach at sunset with his surfboard tucked under his arm.

The light coming from the background of the sky makes only his black outline distinguishable. The colors of the sky and the ocean as the sun is setting makes the clouds look salmon-colored, and it is an all around visually appealing photo. Other photographic surfer curtains can be a bit less dramatic and a bit more extreme.

One example shows a sepia-tone photograph of a surf-dude tearing across a wave. The fact that the image is a bit blurred and the lines are a bit indistinguishable makes it appear as though the athlete is moving extremely fast across the water. This design of surfer window curtains fits more into the category of cool and might suit the athlete's tastes a bit more precisely.

There are many approaches that can be taken in the designs of surfer window curtains. More cartoon-like designs might appeal to the tastes of the younger crowd who are just getting into the sport. Sophisticated surf-dudes might better appreciate a good dramatic photograph of the ocean at sundown.

On the other hand, there are also photographs which show off the extreme moments in the sport.

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