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Snake Blankets

Snake skin has a unique, pattern and look. Now you can add it to your decor with these custom snake skin blankets. Browse through several different patterns from different species or look at artistic renditions of the skin. If you like bright colors, check out four different snake skins that have been altered to be bright pink, blue, green, or orange.

See designs with various patterns of snake skin such as solid greens, blues, blacks, yellows, grays, brown and black lines, black and yellow shapes, and brown and black random shapes. With their diamond shapes, these reptile patterns look fantastic up-close on a blanket. Or see up-close photos of live snakes such as an image that features the head of a solid green snake.

His yellows eyes are focused intently on the viewer or see a brown python on a white background that is coiled up and slowly starting to slither forward. Also take a look at an areal view of an albino python on a white background that is uncoiled and moving around. Other images of various different snake species on white backgrounds are also available as well like one that features a white and blacked striped snake that is wrapped around a branch and hanging down as though it is ready to strike something.

The white backgrounds make the snakes stand out more. Be unique and decorate with a snake skin blanket that features the skin being used on fashionable items. This photo features a snake skin purse that is sitting on the ground with a black background.

Next to it, are the feet of a woman that is wearing snake skinned high heel shoes. Or see an image of a snake skin luggage bag that is open and sitting on a white background.

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