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Vintage Airplane Window Curtains

For more than a hundred years, humans have been able to do what was once only a dream, fly like birds. Participate in the great tradition of flying machines by decorating your windows with our vintage airplane curtains and drapes. Do you remember the first time you saw an airplane up close, at an air show or on a runway? Relieve the magic of a child's thrill with our curtains featuring black and white photographic images of vintage bombers, old airplane engines, vintage commercial airliners, an assault fighter performing at an air show with USAF painted on one wing, a navy airplane with its wings folded up and inward, a plane flying over an explosion, or an overhead shot of a bomber charging toward the enemy with a fighter escort riding along each side. We also have a huge selection of vintage color photographic designs for your new window curtains.

Choose from the front view of a retro airplane propeller on a blue-bodied plane, a Stearman biplane, a red biplane with a white propeller soaring over a lake and marsh into the clouds, a P-51 Mustang ready for takeoff, the front view of a Boeing B-29 Super fortress, or a green biplane pulling a blank white banner that we will add your name, slogan or a birthday greeting to. Remember the good old days when airline stewardesses were always sexy and dressed to please the eye? Enjoy the sight of a blond stewardess baring her shoulders and showing off her slim body in a tight vintage black dress, with white gloves and hat as an airplane cruises through the sky above her at sunset. With our custom size vintage airplane window curtains or even floor rugs, you can pay homage to the history of flight and remind yourself to take the skies again soon.

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