Vintage Airplane Blankets

Unique fleece throws are ready in a large variety of vintage airplane designs and in king or queen sizes. Wrap up in a throw blanket and get warm with someone tonight. Or maybe pick a bed blanket size to turn your sleeping area into a visual gem. 

Leave the ground and the twenty-first century with our vintage airplane blankets featuring a P-51 Mustang with its propeller ready to roar down the runway, a bright yellow Stearman biplane nearing takeoff from a grassy field, a red and white striped biplane twisting sideways through the clouds, a historic DC-3 airliner sitting proudly on a runway, or a WWII era bomber pictured in black and white as it soars into battle. If you love the daring and danger of the old days, pay tribute to vintage airplane pilots with a blanket showcasing two stunt planes flying side-by-side and leaving trails of white smoke across a blue sky. There's nothing girls love more than a pilot and the power and fearlessness he represents, so choose a throw blanket displaying a sexy girl in an old-fashioned white dress, cocking her head to one side and raising a foot coquettishly as she leans against the wing of a vintage navy plane. For a more relaxing experience, choose the image of the back of a young blonde stewardess in a tight black dress and classic white hat and gloves, swaying her hips as a vintage airliner cruises overhead amidst a beautiful sky at sunset, and imagine she's bringing you cocktails and a smile every time you travel.

For a really old airplane, choose a blanket with a close-up of the front of a plane with a wooden propeller. If you love model airplanes even more than the big ones, we also have a blanket design with a model vintage fighter. If you are an enthusiast of airplane engines, the perfect blanket for you is our black and white photograph showing the engine of a biplane.

You cant fit an airplane in your front door, but you can now enjoy vintage airplanes in your home with our blankets and custom vintage airplane window curtains.

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