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Ski Window Curtains

Ski styled custom size window curtains are available in ANY size you wish, in sheer or sun block out fabric.

Skiing is a fast, exciting sport done amid beautiful scenery, but it's not something you can do all year or in any location, so keep skiing in your life year round with our ski themed window curtains. Choose custom sized window curtains displaying a skier in a black and orange outfit leaning to the side as he descends a mountain, a skier in blue and yellow kicking up a cloud of powdered snow, with jagged mountains behind him, or a guy dressed in white clothes and a red hat leaping through the air on red skis at a resort in Lake Tahoe, with an evergreen tree and snow covered boulder nearby. You can also pay tribute to skiing with drapes showing the photo image of the tops of five sets of skis sticking up from the snow beneath towering mountains and a bright white sun, an illustration of a pair of yellow and black ski goggles lying in the snow next to upright blue skis and a skis poles, or the stylistic design of a series of silhouettes representing a skier doing a massive aerial spin against a background of a purple sky covered with falling snowflakes, a huge crescent moon, rolling white mountains and green evergreen trees. Prepare yourself for a week on the slopes with a set of ski window curtains showcasing the view from the bottom of a ski lift that is carrying you up a perfect mountain, choose an artistic ski curtain design with the silhouette of a skier upside down in the middle of a daring flip circled by abstract swirls of orange, purple, and violet and a blue box, or celebrate the lingo and the intensity of the ski lifestyle with window curtains featuring a skier giving the thumbs up in full ski gear while surrounded by text saying, Hardcore, Snow, Mountain Killer, Fear.

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