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Ski Blankets

Speed down a sloping hill every day with these custom ski blankets. Join in on the fun with a blanket that features the graphics of a pair of skis sticking out of the snow with the poles next to it and a ski mask in the background. Or see a hard-core graphic with a ski mask and skis combined with blue and black words that say things like Fear, Snowboard, Killer, Snow, and Night Party. Try dramatic pictures of actual skiers on your blanket that are speeding down the snowy mountainside such a close-up of a skier in an orange suit that has just taken off.

Or go airborne with a skier in red that is frozen in the middle of a trick with his knees drawn all the way up. View a professional skier in yellow pants that is snowplowing to a stop. All the snow is cascading up around him which creates a neat visual effect.

Be amazed by a beautiful photo of a skier going down a steep slope right at the edge of a cliff. Mountain tops are visible in the distance bellow and the sun is shining brightly in the clear blue sky. Many graphically designed ski blankets are also available such as an illustration of a skier that is ankle deep in snow.

The whole image is black and white except for his red hat. Or showcase the sport with the graphic design of a silhouetted skier next to the large word Ski. Inside each letter is the image of a snowy mountain range.

Go for a colorful graphic with a design that features a skier from behind who is in the air doing a trick. His skis are crossed in the shape of an X and he is holding his poles out at his sides. Three red and yellow stripes cut through the background creating the illusion of movement.

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