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Plaid Wall Art

1. Custom Size Plaid Wall Murals      2. Wall Hangings & Tapestries        3. Gallery Canvas Wraps

Our plaid wall art brings your living room the warm and loving sensation of your grandfather dressed in an old flannel shirt. These wall hangings also create an antique feel, with classic plaid patterns for your kitchen or dining room. And our brightest and boldest plaid wall art designs bring back the cool vibes and openness of 70s style to your family room. Start with a traditional Scottish plaid design on canvas wall art that shows thin black dotted lines woven over green ones.

Red and white lines also intersperse the black, creating more and more levels of squares. And some of the green squares on these wall hangings are shaded in with black lines, conveying a sense of forest green. Portray a hard working atmosphere in your husband's work room with a poster that displays a rough textured plaid pattern composed of broad dark gray stripes mixed with white and rusty orange.

For one of the most classic plaid looks, go with canvas wall art that exhibits a mix of deep red, red shadowed with fine black lines, and thin stripes of yellow. Continue your new wall decor in your teen daughter's room with a poster that depicts a vibrant plaid display. She'll feel both trendy and retro when she sees diagonal bands of bright purple blended with orange and reddish orange on a white background.

One of our most innovate plaid wall art designs shows an old-fashioned tablecloth pattern. Green and white are alternated together and formed as diamond shapes, which creates a sense of depth on the art board, as if the squares of an old picnic blanket were stretching out before you. Create a home decor like no other by adding plaid themed blankets and pillows to the mesmerizing array of plaid on your walls.

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