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Clown Wall Art

1. Custom Size Clown Wall Murals      2. Wall Hangings & Tapestries        3. Gallery Canvas Wraps

Clowns are the sheer embodiment of joy and laughter. Bring this happiness to your children by hanging up our clown wall art in their bedrooms. Choose a wall decor made from images of illustrated, cartoon and finely painted clowns. We also have wall hangings that display classic jesters, multiple clowns playing together, and the vehicles and other toys and gadgets that clowns use to make your kids smile.

For the nursery, go with a poster that shows a round faced, silly clown giving a friendly grin with his white painted mouth. He has a typical red nose and puffy green hair sticking out from beneath a small blue hat decorated with a white daisy. Other posters and art boards that toddlers adore include little kids dressed up as clowns.

How about a tiny boy throwing his hands in the air like a true showman and looking at you with his sparkling blue eyes? The young clown on this design is wearing a polka dot green bow tie and an outfit colored with purple, red, orange, yellow, blue and green. Older kids are fascinated by our clown canvas wraps that features a life-like painting of a pair of clowns playing a bronze trumpet and cymbals. They're wearing matching green jackets with green lapels, which are opened up to reveal pink shirts patterned with big green and orange polka dots.

Take the fun into the next gear with an art board that shows a clown with orange hair yelping gleefully as he drives a motorcycle. His bike has a sidecar that's carrying another clown, who is hanging onto a cluster of violet, orange, yellow and blue balloons. 

We even have clown design that will bring a sense of nostalgia and lightheartedness to your family room. This clown wall art design features a classic 5 cent USA stamp made from the face of an old-fashioned clown set beneath the word CIRCUS. Your kids can't get enough of these comedians while they wait for the circus to come back to town, so give them our clown bedding and rugs as well.

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