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Pick From A Wide Selection Of Pirate Decor Goods

The Old Pirate Map pattern is on hand in an assortment of home decor products from wall tapestries, to bed blankets, to custom size rugs and custom size window curtains, and even photographer backdrops or bath towels.

Style Your Entire Rooms Decor

Entire Pirate themed collections are available for your bedroom, bathroom and almost any room in your house. What about a plush new rug for your entryway?

Did You Know You Can Personalize This Design

We can change the main color or any color within this pattern to ANY color you desire. We can also print personalized text anywhere within the pattern. Our custom options are nearly limitless. Let us change the orientation or the main object within this specific Old Pirate Map pattern.

And The Perfect Wall Decor is… Old Pirate Map wall decor!

When it comes to wall art prints, there are numerous selections to pick from. If you don’t know how to style that empty space, here are a few suggestions that can lead you to the best direction. To start you off, consider where your wall decor will be located. Is it in a communal area or a private one? Next, find out the measurements of your wall. Is your wall decor expansive, high or slim? Illumination is influential as well. Does the space have a great deal of light or are there other sources of illumination? Next, decide whether your walls could work with one sizable item or if a collection of elements would fit better. In addition, take into account your individual preferences. Do you go for more organic items or do you favor contemporary decor? Do you favor frames? Photographs or artwork? Canvas or duplicates? Remember that wall decor can also incorporate shelves, flowers and textured art. Lastly, accumulate inspiration from outside sources! Learn about various decor concepts via the internet or look at how other designers have styled their walls. You may discover some very unique results! Uncovering what choices are out there and also figuring out your own preferences will allow you to pick your wall decor.

Don’t Forget The Personality!

When designing a Pirate inspired bedroom, don’t forget that it’s your space and therefore a representation of your personality. Choose elements that represent your personality and add them into the decor. Don’t worry about displaying a small amount of yourself in your room. After all, no one wants to get the impression they’re in a museum.

“It is far easier to build something new than to rework someone else’s attempt.” Adam Judge

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Double Layer Fleece Photo Blanket 50x60


BY Helen Urquhart
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Double Layer Fleece Photo Blanket 50x60

I made a blanket for my father last Christmas. He was battling Cancer and confined to a hospital bed. He loved the blanket as did everyone who saw it. My dad lost his battle with cancer not long after Christmas and we decided to send his blanket with him to his final resting place. This year I plan to make blankets for my sisters just like the one we gave our dad. I know everyone will cherish this wonderful gift. Thanks so much for your help in rushing this order so I got it in time for Christmas last year. It meant so much to us.

BY Windy Kennedy
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Photo Fabric - Heavy Knit

Thanks! You all have gone above and beyond what was expected and have made me an extremely happy customer! You have definitely earned my future business! Keep up the outstanding work and I look forward to working with you again soon!

BY Marlena Davis

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