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Panda Blankets

While choosing a design for a kid's room, there are a few things to keep in mind. Aesthetics, of course, are important, but you also want to incorporate something the kid will enjoy seeing each day. Panda blankets are the perfect decoration for a child's room because they are appropriate for both young boys and girls. They introduce a cute character into the room, which will make for a fun-loving atmosphere.

One design of panda blankets that both boys and girls will love essentially just flaunts the cuteness of the animal. It features the bear in his cartoon form resting on a giant green leaf. He is holding onto some bamboo like he is ready to chow down and has a little grin on his face.

The design is all black-and-white except for the leaf, which is a great way to incorporate a pop of color into the room that is neither too masculine nor feminine. Another design perfect for kids bedding features a different version of the bear in cartoon character form. This guy has big blue eyes that are irresistibly cute; you will not be able to refrain from saying awe when you see him! He is hanging off a tree branch and has a look on his face as though he might fall.

It is an absolutely adorable image, which is perfect for babies and toddlers. An image that might appeal more toward little girls features the little guy in a simplified character version made up mostly of circular shapes. There are a number of these little guys and they are all standing atop their own respective rainbow bubbles.

The multitude of colors in these images is what makes these kids blankets a little more appropriate for girls than for boys. Although all these cartoon characters are overwhelmingly adorable, there is nothing wrong with going the realistic route with your panda blankets. Incorporating real-life photographs of the bears hanging out in their natural habitat might also mean that you get a few more years worth of use out of them -- the design is a bit less childish.

These are also simply fun and cute for people of any age to see! Panda blankets are a great buy for a toddler's room because they are appropriate for both genders. This way, they can be passed down if more children are brought into the family in the future. They are also simply adorable to look at and your kids will love having their bear friends around.

Better yet, the fact that they are mostly black and white makes it easy to use other colors for the rest of the furniture.

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