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Garden Blankets

Even when winter has covered the ground with snow, even when you live in a high-rise building far from soil and plants, our garden blankets will bring your home the joy and warmth of flowers, sprouting leaves and ripened vegetables. Choose from throw blankets that display photos of fancy gardens built in parks to scenes of quaint backyard gardens. Decorate your guest room bed with a woven blanket that pictures a close up photo of pink daffodils and golden tulips blooming atop bright green stems in a spring garden. Show the work that goes into gardening with a fleece blanket that depicts a fine spray of water sprinkling out of a hose onto a lush patch of green leaves and a single fiery red flower.

Relax to the sight of a straw sun hat and green watering can lying in the cool grass next to a pair of white flowers. Another blanket features a stack of brown clay pots, a hand shovel and a collection of bulbs ready to be planted in the earth. Add artistry to your garden blanket by choosing a pattern composed of playfully drawn pots, bottle and cans, all brimming with freshly sprouting plants, cuttings, flowers and even a cactus.

Combine a garden with a meadow and trees on a woven blanket that exhibits a wide angle scene of red, yellow, orange and violet flowers. Beyond the garden, green grass leads to a scattering of wiry trees set against a blue afternoon sky. We also have garden blankets that will teach your kids about the fun and importance of growing their own food.

These fleece blankets display a collage of illustrated wheelbarrows, hoses, trimmers, shovels, rakes, gardening gloves and more. Nurture your home decor with the tenderness and attention to detail that you use in gardening, by adding garden pillows and wall art.

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