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Ballerina Blankets

Being a great ballerina requires hard work and dedication, and our furry fleece ballerina blankets serve as a great reminder to you or the aspiring ballerina you care about to keep striving for your goals. To show how difficult it is to be a ballerina, choose a blanket featuring the close-up of a ballerinas strong lower legs as she balances on her toes, or a pair of unwrapped ballet shoes. Ballerinas train like athletes, but their performance is more of an art than a sport. We have many ballerina designs for blankets that show what a beautiful form of dance ballet is, including three silhouettes of ballerinas twirling against a orange city skyline and orange starry sky, the silhouette of a single passionate ballerina raised onto one leg and bending deeply backwards as her arm gracefully falls behind her, or a gorgeous ballerina dressed in an elaborate costume as Odette in a performance of Swan Lake, with a dark forest, cold lake and swimming white swan behind her.

Once you've trained and practiced ballet long enough, its time to take to the stage and show the world what you can do. If this is the most important part of ballet for you, then you will love our blankets displaying a ballerina on stage under a spotlight, basking in the adoration of the audience. What type of characters do you like to play the part of? If you prefer the pure and good roles, choose a blanket design with a ballerina in a lovely white tutu.

If you would rather have a darker role, then pick our blanket with a ballerina dressed in a black tutu, black leggings and dark eye shadow. To encourage young ballerinas, we also have custom blankets designed with a smiling, stick figure ballerina in pink, or an illustrated ballerina with huge blue eyes and butterfly wings.

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