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Seasonal Backdrops

Do you have a goal for an exclusive backdrop to make your photo shop out shine your competition.  We carry over 100 Seasonal themed patterns to choose from which can create a truly imaginative photo shoot.  Everyone of our photographer backdrops can be made in a custom size from just a few feet to very large such as 20 feet tall. Vision Bedding has the capacity to create a huge backdrop for your business or even a set of theatre curtains as well.  We have a variety of backdrop fabrics to serve a wide range of functions from outdoor use to full block out, to shield from the sun.

Highlight burnt crimson leaves backdrops during the fall season and bring in the warm glow of the outside into your space. A sandy beach schemed interior design throughout the summer will make you long to go the ocean and bathe in the sun, so surfing backdrops will make you swear you feel the breeze from the beach. On chilled wintery days, snowflakes and reindeers sprinkled throughout your space will add to the correct atmosphere of the next holiday. Visit VisionBedding’s for any seasonal need, we are sure to have what you need.

Enlarge your business’ selections and make it stand out from your rivals by having special background themes like a VisionBedding.com seasonal backdrop. Your photo subjects will keep returning to your photography studio for pictures. Pick your background from more than 500 seasonal themes from Vision Bedding’s website.

Our standard and custom-sized backdrops are made with exceptional anti glare cloth and inked with eco friendly water-based dye that will hold up, resisting ripping and fading. Machine washable and dryable, they’ll be low on maintenance but high on effect. Whether it is some seasonal backdrop for your business, a camouflage for a doorway, or a background for professional photo studios, you’ll need brilliant colors, naturalistic details, sizes that will easily go in lots of spaces, and materials that will wear well. That’s what makes VisionBedding’s special order cloth backdrops such an incredible value. We provide you with large, first rate backdrops to make larger impressions that you can reuse regularly.

The normal background can only hold a small number of customers in a photo. If you work from a large business and would like to be one of the few photography studios that can accommodate large numbers of customers in a shot, you will have to have a customized background which we can make in any size you wish! You can also choose how you would like to display it. We can create the seasonal backdrop with either a curtain pocket or grommets or by whatever way you request, such as by adding velcro.

Specially designed backdrops can honestly help your studio get a leg up over your rivals. Provide customers a unique experience by offering them a lot of background options. Maybe you don't utilize a photography studio and you only need a unique backdrop for your seasonal area at your home, any of VisionBedding.com’s special backdrops can meet your needs as you are able to display them on your wall with no trouble using hooks.

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