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Safari Backdrops

Taking a safari in Africa is the ultimate wildlife experience, so give you clients a chance to represent that trip with our safari photographer backdrops. They will love to have their picture taken in front of a stunning vista of four giraffes meandering beside a lone tree on a grassy plain in front of a towering, cloud covered mountain, a massive lion with a golden mane standing in dry brown grass that reaches his neck, or a panoramic shot of the wide trees and low plains that surround famous Mt. Kilimanjaro as seen through cloudy mist. Custom size safari backdrops will let your subjects feel like they've been on a real African safari when they see their photo beside the image of a mother lion leaning her head against her snuggling baby cub, the silhouette of a giraffe set against a stunning blue and gold safari sunset in South Africa, or a huge elephant mother with an adorable baby calf and adolescent calf standing close to her side, with dense green jungle behind them.

When you're taking pictures of kids, make them smile and enjoy the experience with safari photo backdrops displaying an illustration of a mother and baby zebra, a bright eyed, sweet tiger cub lying in green foliage with mountains in the distance, a cute monkey smiling with its tail sticking up in the air, or a goofy, bug eyed cartoon crocodile. Your clients will certainly be impressed to choose from your new collection of backdrops with such incredible images as a leopard with its four legs hanging lazily from a high tree branch as it gazes towards the horizon, a safari sight-seeing truck ready to bump and bounce its way down a dirt round into wild terrain, or a jeep making its way over vast sand dunes.

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