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French Style Backdrops

Make your photo subjects feel like they've just taken a trip to France with our French style backdrops. Give them the sensation and memories of walking on the banks of the Seine River, gazing up at medieval castles, and drinking the world's best wine. Of course these photo backdrops also picture images of the Eiffel Tower, fresh baked French bread, bunches of grapes, and luxurious restaurant menus. Give your clients classic shots of standing in front of the Eiffel Tower, even if they've never been to Paris.

Choose a portable backdrop that displays a vintage black and white photo of a stone bridge leading up to the tower, as it disappears into the clouds. Continue the virtual tour of Paris with a French Style backdrop that exhibits the Notre Dame cathedral. This ancient and intricately constructed church is seen at night against a grayish violet sky, as its stone walls are illuminated by white lights.

Then stop in for a gourmet meal at a French restaurant with a photographer backdrop that features the front of an elegant menu. This menu is composed of deep maroon and brownish gold, with an ornate floral design rendered in creamy white. The centerpiece of any French meal is fine wine, and the menu on your portable backdrop displays a juicy bunch of grapes framed by grape leaves.

Next, let your clients begin the meal, by posing them in front of a photo of a dazzling spread of rolls, loaves, knots and twists of French bread. We also have French style backdrops that showcase the most opulent structures in the country. How about a photo backdrop that depicts the Palace of Versailles? Its black and white tiled courtyard is forming a dizzying optical display beneath its gilded walls and elaborate windows.

Show off your backdrop collection with French style themed banners and wall art that reveal the same images you offer.

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