Penguin Window Curtains

Penguin styled custom size curtains are available in ANY size you need, in sheer or black out fabrics.

Close the window curtains to give your visitors a pleasant surprise when the images come together to create a penguin. When the window curtains are open, people will only see a design on them and not the complete picture. But, when they are closed, then it is a whole other story.

The sweetest window curtain design is of the kissing penguins. You can separate the lovelorn lovers in the morning and as soon as the sun goes down, you can reunite them. You can reunite entire families as well by getting the emperor penguin window curtains. Parents who are getting penguin window curtains for their children may want something a litter PG rated. Obviously, kissing penguins will only make them go “ew.”

For them, we have cute and animated penguin window curtains. In one of them, the penguin on a turquoise background is just staring intently ahead. The other one is of two penguins dancing as if they do not have a care in the world while snowflakes fall behind them. There is another pair of penguins that are ice skating wearing wooly scarves and a knitted winter cap.

For something a little realistic, there is no end to the choices you get. You can find penguins standing in a line, waddling alone on the snow, standing with a small group, or swimming in the cold sea. Take your pick and consult with whomever you are planning to get it for as well. Do not worry; we do not only carry penguin window penguins. We also have bedding, bath decor, wall art, rugs and more. You can look through our themed window curtain collection as well to select the one you like the best.

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