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Moon Window Curtains

Do you love to gaze up at the moon, see the face formed there from craters, imagine what it would be like to visit, and ponder your place in the cosmos? Now you can enjoy the sight of the moon any time you want by hanging up a set of our moon themed window curtains. Which phase of the moon do you like best? A full moon burning through the night sky? Or a delicate crescent moon sharing the sky with stars and meteors? If it's the intensity of a full moon you love, decorate your room with custom sized window curtains featuring an illustration of a full white moon sitting over a pond. There's a wooden boat in the water, and two leafless trees form a frame around a small house. We also have drapes that are patterned with the moon in its full glory.

In one drape design, a photo image shows the full yellow moon emerging from dark gray billowing clouds. Kids love the storybook tales featuring crescent moons, which are such a unique object in the sky. Give your kids moon window curtains that feature an image that will get their imagination soaring.

They'll be amazed to see a ladder that reaches across their window curtains, through white clouds and yellow stars, to a shining crescent moon. We have moon window curtains for older kids too. These include ones your teenage daughter will adore, such as the fine illustration of a beautiful redheaded girl who is sitting in a white gown on the inner curve of a slender crescent moon.

And your son will be intrigued by a mystical scene depicted the moon and sun together. On these custom window curtains, the sun and moon are drawn in the classical style, and their eyes and mouths merge to form a single face.

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