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Paisley Wall Art

Paisley Wall Art

  • Custom Size Paisley Wall Decor
  • Wall Hangings & Tapestries
  • Posters & Gallery Wraps
  • Paisley Canvas Wraps

It takes a lot of confidence to wear a paisley shirt, because with these wild designs you'll surely be the center of attention anywhere you go. But now you can also show that confidence and retro charm in your home with our paisley wall art. Hang a wall mural on a wide living room wall that is decorated with paisley in a dark and intricate pattern. How about the classic curly shapes of paisley colored in portions of tan, brown and white? This seamless wall art design has thin yellow swirls and small red flowers on its black background.

Paisley canvas wraps are also excellent decorations for living rooms and family rooms. We recommend a detailed paisley design with deep colors. A perfect example of this is different sized red, maroon, black and salmon colored paisley loops layered on top of each other, forming a custom wall art display with depth and complexity.

Then choose a wall hanging that brings bright paisley joy to your hallway or foyer, such as purple and lavender studded with white circles. Just like paisley clothes are suitable for many occasions, our paisley wall art is versatile as well. Add intrigue and vibrancy to your bedroom with a poster that displays orange paisley trimmed in red, green or sky blue, adorned with leaf and flower shapes, and set against a deep blue background.

This wall art pattern adds a twist to normal paisley, because these are double loops that resemble hearts. Teenagers love vintage and exciting fashions too, so get your kids paisley wall art for their own rooms. Introduce your daughter to the greatness of paisley with wall decals designed with fine golden lines and golden leaves set against a glowing purplish pink background.

And give your boy a cool and classy set of wall stickers featuring a red paisley bandana pattern that he can put over his dresser or bed.

NOTE: Camera & Copyright marks will NOT be on actual product. Each Design Can Be Customized!

NOTE: Camera & Copyright marks will NOT be on actual product. Each Design Can Be Customized!