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When you are decorating your space, the first thing that comes to mind is wall art. Plain colored walls are not only boring, but they do nothing to make a space look lively or appealing. And when you are choosing art for a little girl or boy, you need to get the designs right because you cannot get an adult design for a kids’ room. Our choose by age wall art has numerous categories with designs appropriate for the respective stages of life.

Because boys love sports, toy cars, and action figures, our boys’ designs include these things that boys are fond of. Similarly, our girls’ wall hanging includes murals of fairies, flowers, butterflies, and princess. Teen boys are very different from teen girls. Teen girls love makeup and hanging out with their girl pals while teen boys love playing sports and driving cars. If your teen boy is aspiring to become an astrophysicist, you can get our astronaut wall stickers and space window curtains for their room. And if your teen girl is into music, you can get our music wall art and a floor rug with musical notes for their room.

For a tween boy who is part of his school’s soccer team, you need our tween boys’ wall hanging designs that have sports images on them. By adding wallpapers like these in your boy’s room, you will motivate them to perform well. And if your boy is a fan of one of the sports stars, you can get their picture printed as well. For grownup ladies, they should go for more elegant and decadent designs like the ones in our women's category.

Wall art can immediately transform the appearance of a living space. Decorating bare walls with choose by age themed murals or decals will in a flash give your space the extra pizzazz that it needs to be  a show stopper. With over 300 designs available, you can make the perfect wrapped canvas, mural or tapestry. Lavish in the option of custom sized tapestries personalized for you.

When shopping for choose by age themed murals, you may be tempted to settle for something that looks average and is low priced, but choosing excellent quality art pieces with carefully detailed imagery will be much more attractive, giving you more value and charm. You need to be positive that your choose by age design will be applied onto a fabric that will show an in focus image and last a lifetime. A microfiber cloth is a solid choice for a wall tapestry and is machine washable! Think about the assortment of options you have for using your design. It’s intelligent to look for products without any pre manufactured holes or loops, for hanging, making sure you decide how you would like to hang it up.

Customizing your selected choose by age design varies from adding in simple text, adding a border line, and altering color to more specialized graphic editing for a more unique design. Plus, all wall art products can be custom sized to fit your wishes. If you are able to dream it up, it’s customizable. Use your own prized photography on wall canvas, put your name on decals and upload a chosen work of art to be printed on a wall tapestry. There are limitless options when it comes to featuring your very own customized design on your walls and our graphic artists will guide you to complete your extraordinary and specialized goals.

Your walls are the focal point for a canvas in your room. Why not change them up with some choose by age themed, customizable wall art? Whether you need a small art piece to decorate your room, a larger wall tapestry to hide the wall, or just wall decals. Show your guests your artsy style and personality with your new specially personalized tapestry. Have your wrapped canvas highlight any bedroom in your household with Vision Bedding’s custom designs that will make every guest envious.

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