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VisionBedding, gives you almost limitless custom fabric opportunities to transform your home into an art gallery, a different era, or even a wildlife decor. We even offer your favorite designs in several fabric styles ensuring you the options you need to create the custom decor you want. Reupholster your couch in a custom rainforest fabric to give your living room the vibrancy only nature can provide. Imagine the sounds of cockatoos singing and monkeys yelping as you take an afternoon nap on a photographic quality design of dense green jungle and slumbering waterfalls. Our microfiber material is soft yet strong, making it perfectly suited for furniture, as well as personalized pillows, quilting and even more.

Take pride in your country or the land of your heritage with our custom designs that will let you show your pride. Choose a British flag painted as the shape of the British Isles to use as drapes for your bedroom window or a Brazilian flag for a unique set of pillow covers . Our microsuede fabric is durable enough for almost any decor project. And don't forget about the kids. We have designs featuring racecars for your little boy and princesses for your precious girl. Or maybe your teenager wants to experience a time before they were born.

Help your teen know what the styles were like when you were their age by giving them the psychedelic swirls of the 60's or the shimmering disco balls of the 80's on personalized fabric. With our almost endless supply of custom fabric designs the sky is the limit. Recreate your home in the image of your own desires and joys. Whether it's the landscape of a national park you can't wait to visit, athletes playing your favorite sport, or the furry style of cheetah print. Change what you see, and you will also change the way you feel when you create your very own personalized decor style with our custom size microsuede fabric.