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Gold & Blue Decor

Choose From A Wide Assortment Of Aqua Decor Goods

The Gold & Blue Swirl pattern is available in a wide selection of home decor goods from wall art, to throw pillows, to custom size floor mats and window curtains, and even baby comforters or bath towels.

Style Your Entire Rooms Decor

Entire Aqua themed collections are available for your bedroom, bathroom and almost any room in your house. How about a soft plush rug for your office?

Did You Know You Can Personalize This Design

We can change the main color or any color within this graphic to ANY color you desire. VisionBedding can also digitally add a unique message anywhere within the graphic. VisionBedding’s personalization choices are pretty much unlimited. We can adjust the accessory objects or the central object within this particular Gold & Blue Swirl graphic.

Cover Your Windows with the Most Unique Aqua Drapes

You may be the type of person who never messes with your window treatments, but sunlight flooding in through a window lightens up any space, making it serene and more welcoming. However, that isn’t trying to say that windows shouldn’t still exhibit stunning curtains. In the end, curtains don't just give style to your windows, they also offer some appreciated privacy. Lighter curtains help small spaces to feel illuminated and clear. Additionally, they don't overpower the space. If you want dark and bold shades for more character or to better block the sunshine, remember to keep your walls white-based or neutral tone. For more personality, hang up a set of Gold & Blue Swirl curtains. All curtains should be hung at floor-length, unless there is a piece of decor that would be in the way. If there is something below your window, whether it's a couch, a sink, or even just a chair, your curtains should stop right below the window trim. When installing them, always put them as high as you can. Your eyes tend to follow lines, so highly positioned curtains will definitely add height to your room.

Do Your Planning

When you start designing your Aqua bedroom, it might be easy to just go crazy purchasing. Fight that desire! Shopping without doing your planning might end up being disastrous. It can cause disappointing pieces and decor purchases. Take some time to consider all of your potential paths before making a commitment. You need to shop around some before you make big purchases that could be forever.

“ Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.” Joe Soprano

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Double Layer Fleece Blanket 50x60

My daughter loved the blanket; it is far beyond what I imagined. The quality of the blanket and images are 100%. I would highly recommend Vision Bedding. The customer service was also very helpful with customization and replied to my questions immediately.

BY elaine webster
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Canvas Wrap - Custom Size

I love my canvas wrap penguin picture. I ordered it before I realized there was SO many wonderful colorful and varied penguin photos and pictures available just on the Vision Bedding online site... so instead of confirming the picture, which was perfect for the original picture I had chosen, I sent an email note to them asking if I could change my mind and have a real favorite I had found. It was no problem. I just got the item, it was a gift to my husband, and we both LOVE it. I have ordered two more items from Vision Bedding. It is a pleasure doing business with them.

BY Leonora Lance
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USA MicroSuede/Cotton Twin Duvet

Just got the duvet cover in the mail, it looks AWESOME!!! Thank you so much, you guys rock!

BY Pat Hyde

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