Ideas For Using Orange Decorations In Your Bedroom

Found everywhere from spring flowers to beach cabanas, orange is a cheery color that can be used to brighten and liven up any bedroom that needs a splash of color.

Moroccan Orange Bedroom

If your favorite color is orange, there are endless creative ways to add the color in with your bedroom decor. Orange decor is available in hundreds of shades and there are countless ways to combine the beautiful hue with other colors. This blog will give you a few different ways to get started on your orange-themed decor journey!

How To Decorate With Orange Decor 

Decorating with the color orange is one of the easiest ways to bring a new feel to your room. With its versatility in shades, you can have a dark and moody autumn-inspired room or an intense firey lounge. From curtains to murals, there is a perfect piece of orange decor out there waiting to become your favorite new addition. Here are a few design tips to remember.

The Orange Lantern Room


Because orange works so well with a variety of both warm and cool colors, it’s a perfect choice for using multi-colored pattern decor that shows it off as an accent color. In this particular room, orange is found in the warm-colored lantern patterns, but also mixed in with blues and greens on the curtains. These shades make great starting points for choosing what color to pair with orange. The solid orange paint on the walls ties everything together so orange is sure to not be overlooked as the main color in this room.

Artistic Orange Bedroom


A sure way to make a more bold statement in an orange-themed room is by purchasing orange furniture. Big pieces like drawers and beds are usually the most prominent pieces in any room, but seating is not far behind. The solid orange chair is so striking that it immediately draws the eye! Close by, however, is a more subtle bench with detailed orange stripes. While they work well together in this room, these two pieces can be used separately as well to help you get the exact orange-inspired style you’re going for.

Floral Orange Room

One of the best properties of the color orange is that it can brighten up a space just as the orange-tinted sun rays shine down on a sunny day. Decor that shows off orange at its best looks amazing when paired with other bright colors. The comforter in this room is colored with hues that you would find in a breathtaking vivid sunset plus even some splashes of neon turquoise! This particular fresh bedding sets the tone for the entire room. Giving off a 70s feel, a room decorated with bright orange is bound to bring peace, love and happiness to your bedroom.

An Orange In Its Natural Habitat

The fact that orange is a color, but also a fruit, makes it the butt end of many cheesy puns. However, orange is actually found in many places besides just the famous fruit. Surprisingly, many of those places can be used as inspirations for creating stunning orange rooms.

Orange Bird Room

Peacocks are among some of most impressive and colorful animals. In this room, a bedspread that displays a spread of lavish orange feathers quickly turns an orange-inspired room into a luxurious lounge area. The cartoon-like and playful designs on the mural and wall curtains tone it back down a bit, but the main event in this bedroom is undoubtedly the extravagant orange bedding.


Orange Room


Orange Autumn Bedroom

One thing most people associate with the color orange in nature is the season of fall. The magic of autumn turns the leaves into red, yellow and golden orange shades. Even the iconic pumpkin patch is a field of striking orange! However, you may want to think twice about reserving your wreaths for only the Thanksgiving months. In this nature-inspired room, the orange accents seem to jump right out of the decor. Whether the real weather outdoors is nice or not, being in this orange-themed fall room will make you want to curl up with a cup of tea, a blanket, and a book every single time.

Blooming Orange Bedroom


Unique Orange Bedroom


Similar to leaves in fall, many beautiful flowers also display the color orange when they bloom the following spring. Orange floral rugs and curtains are beautiful in a cheery but feminine room. Even a vase of fresh orange blooms right beside your bed like the ones on the nightstand in this bedroom are a classic and stylish piece of home decor.

Celestial Orange Bedroom

The popular blazing orange sunset might be the most popular, but it isn’t the only place in the skies where orange is the main attraction. Throughout the cosmos, orange is found swirling through galaxies as intensely as it lights up the clouds in a majestic sunrise. This orange-inspired room will have your jaw dropping at every turn with all the galactic decorations.

Bedrooms For Orange-Obsessed Designers

Whether it reminds you of your favorite sports team or you grew up loving the color, orange has played a role in shaping your style into what it is. These are rooms for those who can’t bear to live without the popular warm shade.

Citrus Orange Room

This room is the ultimate orange paradise as it not only uses the color in different shades, it also characterizes actual oranges! The curtain and orange theme wall art use artful depictions of oranges while the bedding is an almost three-dimension display of orange slices mixed in with other fruits. It’s like a tropical fruit paradise in your own bedroom!

Orange and Blue Bedroom

This Moroccan-inspired room uses a deeper orange to make the room look royal and luxurious. Additionally, the sheer orange bed canopy encloses a large mattress making this bedroom truly fit for a king or queen of an orange-filled palace.

Blazing Orange Bedroom

This bedroom uses orange in decor that really seems to take its colors from a raging fire. The gradient from dark red to bright yellow on the bedding and curtains leave those pieces of decor displaying multiple shades of orange at once. The colorful wall decor seems to depict smoke in a multi-colored piece of art while the rugs mimic a fiery explosion. This volcanic room is the bedroom of any orange-loving hot head’s dreams!

Bringing Orange Into Your Bedroom

As the images have shown, there are thousands of styles that orange can be used to help create. Whether you’re recreating a tropical island, putting together a luxurious lounge space or simply just procrastinating putting away your autumn decor because you love the colors so much, orange can be the main event. Through the use of 3d home decor, beautiful flowers and a fresh coat of orange paint, your bedroom will never lack the ways to show off the versatile color of orange ever again.

Orange and Gray Bedroom