Blue Bedrooms

The usual go-to bedroom look for boys is by coloring the whole bedroom blue. Blue walls and bed set with road sign wall art are used to decorate this bedroom with a hint of rustic because of the furniture and carpet color that was used.

Coloring a bedroom blue is not only for boys. this master bedroom decor with gradient blue and a navy shade for the bedding is so feminine because of the fresh flowers, cozy bed and vintage furniture.

Classic coastal bedroom in white and blue. Pale blue bedroom walls, rustic bed, nightstand, bed end bench and chairs.

Blue bedroom walls with dark blue color bedding and more blue shades across the bedroom

Pink and blue bedroom. The hues used in this bedroom are navy blue and old rose. Gold color accents are also displayed on this bedroom.

A blue bedroom with wide space, blue walls and a mixture of blue and green decor. There are some other color in this bedroom such as black but the main color scheme here is blue and green. Padded headboard and white furry pillows are the highlight of the bed. It may not be a striking color, but the color white is used to catch the attention to the biggest furniture of the bedroom.

An interior with blue walls, brown cabinet and sofa, and green window curtains

Generally white bedroom decor with royal blue bedroom walls and a gallery-like wall art

The orange accents add vibrance to an otherwise calm blue bedroom look.

This blue bedroom has blues that would help a person calm because of the hue that gives a soothing vibe. In order to create a relaxing blue bedroom, choose a blue color with a lighter tone and not the dark ones. White walls are also used in this bedroom to balance the colors so it would still be pleasing in the eyes. There aren’t too many designs used in this bedroom. Plain blue and white striped area rug, plain dark blue curtain, simple designed and colored wall art and turquoise bed sheet are used to decorate this bedroom.

Small bedroom decorated with floral patterns and blue curtains

Space-themed blue bedroom perfect for kids

This bedroom idea doesn’t only showcase your favorite mythical creature but also helps you drift off to sleep

Soccer themed bedroom with blue decor

There are designs where the transition of blue to green is so smooth that it connects all the other designs and shades together.

One of the bold blue bedroom ideas is to use blue all over the bedroom, from the walls to the bedroom decor products. Royal blue curtains, blue walls, dark blue bedding, blue artwork on the floor covering, and wall art. Even if there are a lot of blue in this bedroom, the design is still balanced because of the different hues that were used to design this bedroom.

Decorate the walls of the bedroom blue with white and blue floor-length window curtains and Santorini as the wall’s focal point to emphasize the Greek inspiration.

Blue bedroom nautical themed decor with bold artwork on the products. Walls of this bedroom blue with artistic blue nautical designs displayed on the bedroom.

A black futon bed and pillow in contrast of a turquoise duvet and ottoman and glass covered wall art decor on a zen blue  master bedroom.

A room for sharing with red and blue bedroom in nautical theme. Two single beds with red color bed skirt and blue bed sheet with pillows that has an anchor designed on it. Navy blue headboard and window shades against white color bedroom walls.

Yellow and blue bedroom combination with a fireplace, textured wall behind the bed, splashes of color yellow seen on the chairs and light fixtures and other blue colors are used to decorate this master bedroom.

A classic styled bright bedroom with beautiful patterned walls with the use of blue wallpaper in a lighter color created this bright and calming light blue bedroom


Interior Designers Who Designed Blue Bedrooms

Walls and cabinet painted with the same color blue shade, a gold table in the center and a huge painting as an accent wall

Classic master bedroom in different shades of blue and white walls. Pale blue paint is used on the bedroom walls. White sofa and chairs, with blue throw pillows on a darker shade. The only different color in this bedroom is the cabinet, which is bronze, placed in the middle of the bedroom, which serves as the focal point of the bedroom decoration.

Turquoise and brown combination. Chocolate color tones decorated on the bed and the walls of this bedroom blue

This designer created a calm and coastal bedroom decor with light blue walls and white bedding. The sheer white curtains and wide window adds to light to this bedroom that makes it bright

This master bedroom with light blue canopy and matching bed end bench color is one of the best and serene blue bedrooms there is.

Dark blue interior design by Cave Interiors with yellow accent, blue wall and blue curtains

Silver and sky blue bedroom color scheme for this house’s master bedroom with a grayish shade of blue bedding and a gold wall hanging which seems as the bedroom’s focal point

This interior designer created a red and blue scheme room. Beautiful blue design with color red accents on the seats in an eclectic room

Serene and simple blue and white master bedroom decor that has a pale blue bedroom walls and other blues on the headboard and bed set.

Creative bedroom blue and turquoise accent wallpaper behind a padded dark blue headboard matched with velvet ribbons on the pillows.

This Russian-based interior design company created one of the most amazing blue bedrooms. The wall is initially painted white, where they hung dark blue paintings and added a world map with LED lights. They then added blue and grey cushions on the floor, on top of a furry floor covering, and a black hammock. Though this bedroom has a mixture of colors, the overall bedroom color is blue because of the huge wall design that they uniquely made.

A bedroom with blue duvet with wall panels that also act as the headboard in pastel colors

Blue bedroom for women with pale blue walls and comforter, mixed with gray and white touches.


Blue Galaxy Room



An abstract artwork in light and dark blue

Blue and white floral comforter

Gradient blue glittered design on a bed sheet

Blue nail polish marbling effect on a duvet cover

Seamless blue floral pattern on a bed sheet

Blue comforter with black star patterns

A picture of a dark blue ocean on a bed sheet

Blue stained glass display on a bed sheet


Floor Rugs

Simple blue mandala plush rug

Tall ocean wave on a round rug

Retro squares design on a custom size rug

Plaid design round rug in blue and yellow pastel color

Blue sky and white sand beach on a floor rug

Blue and white web design on a custom size rug


Blue Bedroom For Better Sleep


 Blue Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore’s Mysterious is an almost-black blue

A romantic and charming blue with soft undertones of gray

A light clear blue shade

Mixture of blue and green tint

A strong definite blue made warm by the addition of magenta

Fresh mid-toned blue paint color


Blue Bedroom With Dandelion Walls




Spacious Blue Bedroom



Window Treatments

Blue window valance designed with electromagnetic field

Blue window curtain with triangular pattern

A photo of a clear blue sky with clouds on a two panel window curtain

Geometric designed window valance in white and blue pattern

Sapphire blue window valance with grunge effect

Blue swirl design on a window curtain

Blue sun burst design with small stars on a window curtain


Simple Bedroom For Boys




Chic Blue Bedroom




Greece Inspired Blue Room




The Nautical Blue Room



Wall Art

An image of an argan tree on a cliff against a striking blue sky showcased on a canvas wrap

An illustration of a cornflower on a large wall tapestry

Simple and clean tropical beach with clear sky and white sand on a canvas wrap

Wall mural in pastel blue, pink and violet abstract design

Botanical watercolor art on a wall tapestry

Van Gogh’s The Starry Night artwork on a canvas wrap


Blue and Orange Bedroom




Decorative Blue Room




Breezy Bedroom Idea

Fleece And Throw Blankets

Blue and brown striped throw blanket

Blue geometric patterns on a fleece blanket

Sky blue background with autumn leaves design on a fleece blanket

Clear blue sky and a desert view on a throw blanket

Blue and brown watercolor texture on a throw blanket

Coastal themed fleece blanket that displays a lifebuoy, net and a starfish on a pastel blue background

Blue shiny mosaic design on a fleece blanket

An image of a blue rose in close up displayed on a large fleece blanket



Pillowcase And Throw Pillows

Koi artwork in a pond on a pillow case

Striking blue colored throw pillow with marble effect and a hint of gold for accent

An artwork of a child standing beside a tree in the middle of a field at night displayed n a pillow sham

Painting strokes in shades of blue on a pillow sham

A butterfly perched on a woman’s lips artwork for a throw pillow design

Watercolor flower art on a white throw pillow background


Navy Blue Bedroom


Bedroom Furniture

Upholstered bed frame in navy blue

Solid bed bunk for kids in midnight blue

This bunk bed designed as camper van can be the focal point of your kid’s bedroom

The bed has a silver tubular steel frame that features a single top bunk and a double blue futon base with a fixed ladder.

A foam-filled upholstered fabric seat with button tufting

A modern and elegant curved-shape with navy blue Victorian daybed styled wood legs

Blue 5-Layer Cabinet Drawer Chest With Wicker Baskets

The dressing table has three spacious drawers and a spacious table top.

Blue jewelry armoire with hooks and drawers

Gold blue makeup vanity set with dresser and matching stool perfect for a master bedroom

Victorian style blue night stand


Blue Flowery Bedroom


Bedroom Accessories

Gold ceiling pendant with navy faux silk shade

Table lamp with white body and pastel blue shade

A wall clock made of plastic and glass with the latest glow-in-the-dark technology

Handmade Ceramic Vase With Marbled Blue Design

Royal blue colored ottoman with storage and copper legs

A stylish velvet pouffe in midnight blue

Solid wooden wall jewelry organizer

Blue colored glass light pendant


Blue And Green Bedroom