The room’s center of attention will be the bed which displays and abstract image of a gymnast in geometric style. The wall canvas shows a woman gracefully posing under a cloud of colorful fabrics and strings. The colorful vector images of gymnasts exhibitng different poses add beauty to the bedroom.

The simple color of the bedroom will help people focus more on the designs displayed on the bedroom items. The images are all real photographs of gymnastic exhibitions and performances. The overall bedroom decor appears grand because of the appearance of the subject and the professional look of the photographs.

This room is a gymnast’s room, as you can see the bedding is not your usual pattern or print but we recommend that you make it unique and personal just like this one. Adding some pattern it can be on the curtains and pillow cover it gives accent and character to the entire look. Wall decors are a must in any room for they enhance the bedroom design, while rugs can be both decorative and functional which makes a huge difference with the outcome of your design.

Display different gymnastic poses and exhibitions on her walls to serve as your daughter’s inspiration. Use fun and comic designs on her bed like these unicorns and pig gymnasts which she’ll surely enjoy. Display vector images of gymnast on your rugs and for the window curtains, you can display something simple. For this bedroom, it shows a puff of powder smoke that gymnasts usually use for their performance.

This bedroom consists of designs from real images to vector designs of a gymnast practicing during sunset. The passion captured from these images is what makes this bedroom unlike other gymnastics bedroom because the designs used are candid. The real photograph displayed on the walls and area rug may look amateur but they emit genuineness and are captivating to look at.

This gymnastic room is filled with energy, with just one look you will know and feel that the owner of the room is passionate about gymnastics. The design of this room shows the fun perks of flying in the air and it’s energy radiates with different hues and it’s amazingly beautiful.

The duvet and pillow set has those amazing gymnast prints on it. Be inspired to do better and reach your goal as a gymnast. Add some gymnastics paraphernalia to give that gymnastics spirit around the room. Just like the rugs and curtains with gymnastics prints.

Just like gymnastics it is filled with energy and can be dramatic at times. That is why the prints on the bedding are  like illuminating pattern of a gymnast it gives more drama to the bedroom. There are stars on the throw pillow and curtain because a gymnast has dreams and goals to reach to be able to join the stars.

Just like gymnastics red is a symbol of boldness, glamour and confidence which is perfect for someone who is passionate about gymnastics. Add designs to the room with some wall art and rugs to brighten up the space. Check out the cool ribbon design mimicking the ribbon in gymnastics which shouts love. Unique prints, patterns and decorations are what you need to create a room that brings out your dream, passion and your character because you are unique, beautiful and great.

The Rhythmic Gymnastics Bedroom showcases a form of gymnastics with a dance-routine which can be performed with clubs, balls, hoops and ribbons for accent. The gracefulness and rhythm are captured in the photograph of performances displays on the bedroom walls.


A gymnastics themed bedding with a watercolor gradient background that can be personalized with your name and can be ordered as a comforter or as a set

A gymnastics bedding set with two pillow shams that displays a boy gymnast hanging from a ceiling bar

A bedding that displays a gymnastics theme art with hand drawn design of different gymnasts with different poses

A gymnast with an American flag background on a comforter

Duvet cover with a colorful gymnastics art on white duvet cover

Blue male gymnast on a ring displayed on a white fleece blanket


Gymnastics Bedroom For Girls


Orange Gymnastics Bedroom


A yellow diamond gymnastics zone crossing sign with a gymnastics doing a split in the middle

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Blue and green gymnastics climber

A light brown bean bag with girl gymnast pattern.

Gymnastic themed wall organizer for hanging keys, medals and other things. This wall hanging may be personalized with your own name.

Pink fleece microsuede bedroom slippers with a gymnast at the side as a design

Black Gymnastics medal hanger with the words BARS on top and a gymnast on a bar design

A pink expandable and folding junior training bar that would fit your gymnast’s bedroom

A swing bar with rings for indoor play gym area

A violet lamp with a gymnast design doing the straddle pose

Table lamp with an inspiration quote “If you never leap, you will never know what it’s like to fly” and a design of a gymnast on a black background

A hand crafted crystal stone resin Gymnast figurine

Figurine of two frogs doing an exhibition


Simple Gymnastics Bedroom


Woman gymnast in mid exhibition with smoke effects and black background on a canvas wrap

Wall decal that shows a quote from Gabby Douglas, An American gymnast.

A framed gymnastics design that shows a gymnast watercolor art and the words “Just a Girl who loves Gymnastics”

A personalized wall decal with a gymnast doing a handstand at the side

A black and white photo of a kid gymnast balancing a ball on a canvas wrap

Wall tapestry with a rhythmic gymastics art that displays a gymnast holding a ball


Bedroom With Gymnast Rings




Gymnastics Bedroom With Practice Area


A gymnast art doing a handstand with a colorful different patterns on the background displayed on a plush rug

Rug with a gymnastics design and quotes and a colorful watercolor splashed background

A large rug with gymnastics themed grid with purple and turquoise squares that each has a photo of a gymnast in different poses and exhibitions.

A black round rug with a gymnast in the middle and the words “American Elite” and “Gymnastics” on top and below the gymnast design

Round rug with Gymnastics-related word cloud


Bedroom For Little Gymnast



Gymnast Bedroom Look



Colorful Gymnastics Bedroom



Golden Gymnastics Bedroom


A gray microfleece blanket with words “LIVE. LOVE. GYMNASTICS” and the option to put a personalized text at the bottom

A nice gymnastics art collage in teal with a gymnast silhouette at the very middle of the collage displayed on a fleece blanket

A pink throw blanket with a unicorn in pink leotard and the word GYMNASTICS below it

Quilted queen size blanket with a collage of different gymnastics quotes and designs

Blue male gymnast on a ring displayed on a white fleece blanket

Throw blanket with a female flexible gymnast hanging on a ring on a black background


Rhythmic Gymnastics Bedroom




Gymnastics And It's Colors


Teal window curtains with a gymnast posing

A holographic pink and blue gradient window curtain with stars, a gymnast design and the words “Dont dream your life; live your dream” in gold

A black and violet gymnastics themed window curtain that can be personalzed and displays different patterns on the background of a white gymnast silhouette

A large floor-length window curtain with a colorful gymnast art and geometric shapes design on a white background

Black window curtains with a gymnast doing a hard post

Black and white window valence with different gymnastic poses

Blue Boys Gymnastics Window Curtains with Red Swirls Surrounding Gymnast


Beautiful Gymnastics Room




Intense Gymnastics




Illuminating Gymnastics Room


A photo of a gymnast in mid exhibition hanging from the ceiling displayed on a throw pillow

White throw pillow with a gymnast silhouette with stars and option to personalize with your name

Blue pillow case with the words EAT. SLEEP. GYMNASTICS at the left part

A personalized pillow case in purple pastel and a girl gymnast cartoon in pink leotard

White pillow case with gymnastics design and words that say “I flip for gymnastics” and a couple of gymnast exhibitions

Woman gymnast silhouette holding a ball and stretching with white and pink polka dot background displayed on a pillowcase

Black throw pillow with a child gymnast in mid exhibition

Wall tapestry with a rhythmic gymastics art that displays a gymnast holding a ball


Gymnastics Room In Black And White