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Underwater Blankets

The underwater world is much bigger than ours on land, and seems strange but beautiful to us. Now you can enjoy what you love about the world beneath the sea with our underwater themed custom blankets. What's your favorite thing to see underwater? Coral reefs? We have blanket designs displaying the bizarre, plant-like patterns of yellow, green and white coral in shallow water, as the sun shines through the surface overhead, or bright pink and orange coral surrounded by swarms of tiny fish. How about tropical fish? Choose a furry fleece blanket with a regal angelfish, striped in yellow, white and blue, poking its nose around for food, dozens of orange fish swimming around a purple reef, a yellow and white sixspine butterfly fish floating in an aquarium, a canary yellow surgeon fish cruising by a sea sponge, or a whole collage of exotic fish.

You can also have a decorative throw blanket featuring the best of both worlds, such as a scene showing sharks and various fish swimming beneath the water as four dolphins leap above the surface, a coral reef beneath a rocky island and white sun in a slightly cloudy blue sky, or an illustration of steep green mountains, palm trees and grass huts on a coastline above a dolphin, fish, coral and rocks. One of the most beloved underwater creatures is the sea turtle, which you can enjoy on a blanket with an adorable baby sea turtle, having survived the difficult journey from his sandy nest to now swim happily in the ocean. Another amazing creature is the seahorse, and you can have a blanket with the image of three seahorses, colored orange, yellow and purple.

The underwater realms stimulate your imagination like nothing else, so decorate your home with our underwater blankets.

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