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Raccoon Blankets

With their ringed and bushy tails and black mask around their eyes, raccoons are definitely charming creatures that you often find in bushy areas. These creatures are the size of a small dog and can cause quite a mess if they find your trashcan. They will dig in trashcans to look for food and leftovers. But these animals are wild, so it is better to stay away from them. Baby raccoons often stay together as seen in our four cute baby raccoons on a deck blanket. But mother raccoons are very protective of their babies and they would spend most of their time caring for them. They don’t even let the fathers get close to the babies.

Because of their charming looks, our raccoon blankets are perfect for kids’ rooms and baby nurseries. Our raccoon vector, raccoon in a cap blanket showcases a cartoon version of this cute creature. These animals are also quite smart and their intelligence falls next to that of monkeys. Their hands are so nimble that they can easily open cages, unlace a shoe, and retrieve anything from a small space.

Raccoons do not hibernate, but they eat a lot during the fall season to gather fat in their body to stay warm during the cold weather. Their bodies are made to assist them with climbing on trees as seen in our raccoon in winter blankets. Our animal set blankets feature adorable animal lustrations perfect for baby nurseries.

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