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Gymnastics Blankets

Showcase your love for gymnastics with these fantastic gymnastics blankets! Many stunning photos and designs are available to choose from. Try some great action shots with photos of gymnasts balancing, swinging through the air, or flipping. A featured photo that stands out has a young girl on a balance board that is upside down and doing the splits. The background is solid black which makes her light colored leotard and the balance board really stand out.

Another similar image features a girl that has just jumped off of the balance board. She is in mid-air doing the splits. Again, the black background makes her red leotard and the board below her stand out.

The same girl is in another image in which she has just jumped from a high bar to a low bar. She is suspended in the air upside down. All the details are very vivid on the black background.

Other types of action shots are also available that would be great for custom gymnastic blankets. One dramatic image showcases a female gymnast in competition. The view is zoomed in so that you can only see her suspended in the air.

She is in the splits position and in the background you can see the blurred crowd watching with anticipation. Also see a male gymnast in competition with the image featuring the competitor on a balance board. He is in the middle of doing a difficult maneuver with the crowd in the background watching.

Some artistic designs are also available for the gymnastic blankets. See a close-up view of a gymnast powdering their hands before the competition. The camera is zoomed up onto the hands and the background is black and free of distractions which give the picture a dramatic look.

Another one features a close-up shot of a hand grasping the gymnast ring over a black background. Don't miss our matching or coordinating bedding, rugs, blankets, wall murals, pillows, wall art, bath decor, and more! Your gymnast will love being surrounded by her favorite sport and will appreciate the support it gives her.

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