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BMX Blankets

Blankets mean comfort, just like you’re comfortable with your passion for BMX racing, and VisionBedding’s BMX blankets can help showcase your life.  Our blankets can be cozy in your bed or over your lap at a BMX race…and they can also signify the passion for your sport in both places. These throw blankets and fleece blankets are perfect for any occasion and versatile for those surprise moments that can only come in the BMX world.

We have a number of pictures and images that evoke the extreme BMX world.  We have bikers doing many tricks on benches, doing wheelies, and vaulting from hills.  Many blankets feature silhouettes of bikers against the sky, or against our artistic graphical backgrounds, or even floating in the nothingness of a huge trick.

Our blankets even feature designs that don’t feature a bike itself, but the world surrounding the bike.  We have tire tracks in the dirt, speakers and wheels, and even more.

What better place than your bed for your passion? Whether that ends up translating into an awesome silhouette or an upside-down three-sixty moment in clear sunny skies, this stack of BMX Blankets with matching pillows will let you bring what excites you most to bed. With Op and Pop graphics options and the engine in black-and-white, you can land one of those stunts cleanly on your bed at home or your sleeping bag in the woods. Light your fire.

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