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Wine Bedding

When your friends and family throw you a grand party, it is wine that really sets the mood for the evening. Wine is a drink that is enjoyed by many around the world. But unlike other drinks, wine spends most of its time in a cellar, fermenting and becoming more flavorful. Some wine can be decades old and such wine is often the tastiest, strongest, and the priciest. Weddings are occasions where wine is the drink of choice and people are seen making a toast and bumping their glasses with one another.
But this interesting tradition did not start a few years ago. It was the Ancient Greeks that started the tradition of bumping glasses. The reason that the glasses were bumped was to ensure that the host of the dinner is not trying to poison the guests. So, the cheers tradition as seen in our red wine splash over white bedding is quite old.
Our ‘wine and drink’ seamless pattern bedding is quite appealing and perfect for those who just can’t seem to have enough of wine. Our wine bottle glass and grapes bedding on the other hand showcases the main ingredient of this drink. Grapes are first grown in expansive fields that are known as vineyards and after they are harvested, they undergo the process of wine-making. The juice of these grapes is filled in barrels and placed in wine cellars for fermentation. If you know a friend who just loves wine, you can gift them our wine glass bedding. You can also customize your bedding by uploading an image of your choice.

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