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Yellow Backdrops

Millions of designs- Personalized just for you!  Custom sizes available.

Over 200  Yellow Custom Size Photographer Backdrops to choose from which can make a really unique photo shot.

As the color of the sun, which is the source of life and energy on Earth, yellow brings brightness and invigoration like no other color can. Give your professional photos the cheerfulness and positivity of yellow by adding several of our yellow themed backdrops to your studio's collection. Kids love to pose in front of our popular backdrop for photographers that features a cartoon baby chicken. This yellow chicken is smiling at your child subjects with his orange beak and waving his little yellow wings.

Teenagers like the unique photographer backdrop that shows a single yellow umbrella set amid a crowd of black ones. This backdrop expresses the individuality that so many teens crave. For boys, make sure you have portable photo backdrops that showcase a canary yellow sports car with black tires and shiny chrome rims.

Little boys adore our customized backdrops that display a yellow tropical fish giving you a tiny smile. For teen girls, you need our personalized backdrops that show a close up photo image of a yellow sunflower in full bloom. This custom backdrop design is shown in such detail that you can make out the shape of the sunflower seeds and the texture of yellow petals set against a pure white background.

Girls also adore our backdrops that show a yellow smiley face. This classic symbol is given a new twist on your backdrop with outlines of orange and steel gray. Whether it's on staging backdrops or portable backdrops, the theme of yellow sets the mood that you work so hard for as a photographer to achieve: happiness.

So use our yellow backdrops to turn even the most stubborn frowns upside down.

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