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Vehicle Backdrops

There are many great vehicles out there and we proudly have numerous vehicle backdrops that showcase them all. Our backdrops feature great shots of some of the most unique forms of transportation around.

Our vehicle backdrops feature pictures of airplanes, for starters. We have a mix of planes ranging from classic transportation airplanes and some intense and nimble Air Force jets. You can order a vintage airplane design from us with a sepia-style effect on it too.

We also have pictures of bicycles including both bikes on the street and off-road BMX vehicles in mid-air. You can also get a backdrop feature an ATV quad in the mud charging through the wild.

Cars are popular on our vehicle backdrops too. You can order backdrops that feature classic cars as well as some massive vehicles like fire trucks.

We even have a few designs featuring some of the most unique ground vehicles around. You can get one with an open-air car charging down the track or a big monster truck with its massive wheels charging along a rough surface.

Commercial vehicles are included in some designs too. You can order a backdrop that features a commercial freight truck, a massive train or a tractor on a wide open farm that would fit a country theme room.

We proudly offer these backdrops for your convenience. Each one has grommets on the corners to help you hang it to a stand.

Whether a church ceremony or an informal event, vehicle planned gatherings are even more exciting with a special background for photo shoots! These printed backdrops are available in many different themes with more than 750 designs to decide from. Whether you’re wanting a simple design, a bold splash of color, or even a 3D print, Vision Bedding’s vehicle backgrounds supply a taste of something for any person.

Vision Bedding’s standard and custom-sized backgrounds are made with first rate anti glare fabric and printed with "green" water-based ink that will hold up, resisting ripping and fading. Quick to clean in the washing machine, they’ll be easy on upkeep but high on effect. Whether it is some vehicle background for your work, a curtain to hide a doorway, or a backdrop for professional pictures, you’ll need bright colors, lifelike details, sizes that will fit in many areas, and equipment that will wear well. All that is what makes VisionBedding.com’s customized fabric backdrops such an amazing buy. We provide you with large scale, exceptional visuals to make large scale effects that you can reuse over and over again.

With a one of a kind vehicle party design, your backdrop needs to really be noticeable. When you have VisionBedding.com’s customization option and decide to have your chosen pattern repeated on the background or even upload one of your own images, you’re assured that no two backdrops are identical. The measurements of these backdrops are further entirely configurable so you can even provide your picture background even if your party space is small. You can even personalize the hanging style of your background, choosing metal eyelets if you plan to display it from hooks, or a soundly sewn-in casing pocket if you’ll be using a stand.

Themed backgrounds can really help your studio have an edge over the competition. Suppy models a different photo shoot by giving them creative backdrop selections. Let’s say you don't have a picture studio and you simply want an enormous background for your vehicle room at home, any of our different backgrounds can accommodate you as you are able to display them on your wall with no trouble using a curtain rod.

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