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Star Backdrops

Millions of designs- Personalized just for you!  Custom sizes available.

Over 200  Star Custom Size Photographer Backdrops to choose from which can make a really unique photo shot.

Our star themed backdrops feature designs that utilize the many meanings and creative styles of stars. These unique backdrops for photographers include patterns that use stars to convey fame and fortune, happiness and love, dancing and music, as well as good luck, glamour and Christmas. Stars are a popular theme for children of all ages, because kids love to look up at the night sky and imagine that they can take part in the dazzling array of lights in the sky. For girls, use staging backdrops that combine stars with a huge and vividly colored rainbow pattern.

These customized backdrops display sparkling white stars shooting across a black background towards lines of violet, blue, orange, yellow, lime green, forest green, red, gold, gray and many more colors. Little girls adore our photographers backdrops that picture a big star drawn in pinkish white beside two curly dark pink, light pink and white rainbows. For boys, choose portable photo backdrops that showcase a collage of good luck symbols.

These blue, orange or hot pink stars are set beside horseshoes, dice, eight-balls and the words Lucky Star and Lucky Charm on a black background. Boys also go wild for the beautiful girl DJ in a bikini top seen on backdrops that have stars, flowers, abstract patterns of circles framing this cute chick and her turntables. Teenagers who want to embrace the hippie traditions of their parents and grandparents will love to pose in front of our popular portable backdrops that feature a mix of images of peace and joy.

Green, pink, blue and orange stars shine amid peace symbols, rainbows, clouds, and hearts on the violet background of these custom backdrops. Mothers will be impressed when you take a portrait of their entire family in front of the red, green and blue Christmas stars that glisten on a backdrop with a brown wood-like lower half. Give your photography clients a personalized experience with backdrops that portray their passion for the vast and brilliant lights in the sky.

Work with star backdrops to convey the feeling of being a movie star, grungy street art, disco dance clubs and more.

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