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Animal Barn Themed Bedroom

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Lovers of barn animals and the color brown would dig this Animal Barn Theme Bedroom. It gives off this chill, laid back style that only the countryside can offer. Its area rug portrays that of a stained wooden floor that achieves a very natural looking look that almost blends with the actual bedroom floor. The round rug, on the other hand, although having the same concept like the natural wood looks more brownish and tarnished in color. But it looks durable and strong for the most part/ The window curtain is beautiful divided horizontally between the colors brown, light orange, and dirty white, creating this one-of-a-kind design on a window curtain. The canvas wraps and the wall tapestry will surely make you miss your pets. It features a horse stable, just like how you'd expect a barn to be. The fleece blanket, duvet cover, and pillow cases complement each other well. The different hues of brown totally work on them pretty fine.

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