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Abstract Christmas Background Decor

Choose From A Wide Selection Of Christmas Home Decor Styles

The Abstract Christmas Background With Tree, Vector Illustration theme is on hand in a wide selection of decorative products from wall murals, to throw pillows, to round rugs and drapes, and even baby comforters or bath mats.

Style Your Entire Rooms Decor

Entire Christmas themed collections are available for your bedroom, bathroom and almost any room in your house. Have you thought about a new rug for your office?

You Can Personalize This Design

Let us change the main color or any color within this pattern to ANY color you want. We can also print personalized text anywhere within the graphic. Our personalization options are pretty much limitless. Let us change the orientation or the central object within this specific Abstract Christmas Background With Tree, Vector Illustration pattern.

Using your Abstract Christmas Background With Tree, Vector Illustration bed linens to incorporate layers to create a unique style.

Wanting to change the style of your bedroom? Switching up your bedding is a straightforward way to shake things up with your room. You can easily add character by placing several hues or designs on each other. Fold a textured quilt on top of your bedding for a vibrant effect. You can even layer two comforters on top of each other to create a complementary display. Experiment with how you can place your bedding and discover what compositions you can construct. Don’t forget to choose complementary tones to construct a flattering scheme. If you’re unsure what tones flatter each other, research complementary colors online to take you in the most appropriate direction. Also, don’t overwhelm your bedding set up with too many patterns, as this may result in a congested feel. Don’t forget about texture! Bedding is created from a variety of designed types, which can provide an appealing look in your bedroom even more without adversely affecting the chosen tones or styles. Overall, a good starting point is to have no more than three dominant tones, two distinct designs, and two separate textiles in your overall layout.

Less Is Always More With Home Decorating

Initially, try to decorate your office with just a couple crucial items. Keep furniture and accessories to a minimum and see how the room appears. You can increase Christmas accessories bit by bit until you obtain the design you’re going for. Try to avoid filling the space with an excessive number of items, as this can create an overdone and unorganized display.

“It is no secret that the real world in which the designer functions is not the world of art, but the world buying and selling.” Paul Rand

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Wall Sticker - Custom Size

I had a wall sticker designed for my "Mancave". My wife and I put it up today and I have to say it looks great! Great details to the image! I would gladly recommend VisionBedding to any of my friends or anyone else who was interested in adding a little "flare" to their rooms!

BY Darrel Phillips
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Fleece/Cotton Queen/Full Duvet

One word: Awesome.

BY Andrea Dulmage
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Vision Board - Custom Size

Great Look! Very Professionally Done. Does not look cheap. Great quality and will definitely use Vision Bedding again!

BY Tyler McNew

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