Valentines Day Decor

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How much does your home decor show off your kids? He’s a star quarterback and she’s the leader of science club. Every time it comes up in talks with friends, you have to bring up how much they’re growing. Hey, you’re just so amazed! You admire them so much and while the less chaotic time is peaceful, you kind of feel like you’re missing something without them. Of course, you wouldn’t dare admit that. Those babies are your whole life and you have been trying to find a way to do more than put together framed school art to brag on them. When designing with Valentines Day decor, you’re saying to everyone that your babies are the top dogs and you know that for a fact. Inside and out, they are amazing and you’ve created Valentines Day throw pillows to prove it. You’re not a boring mom, you’re a hip mom.
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