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Did you know that if you get 7-9 hours of slumber per night, you’re in your bedroom for one-third of your life? That’s a seriously long time to spend in a single place! What if, after coming out of there, no one was able to tell you’d spent time there? With a bedroom that has no personalization, we’re accomplishing that each day. Going to rest at night, getting moving in the morning, and each morning leaving a room behind that hardly shows what we love. It can be trying to discover ways to change it up a little and make it look more in line with your style, but with Indian bedding, it’s simple to decorate with something you can’t get over. You can even introduce Indian pillowcases in with everything else. No matter which Indian bedroom decor you pick out, your bedroom will be grateful. Don’t keep starting your day with decor so fiercely bland that it could easily blend in at a hotel. I mean seriously, you’re spending one-third of your life in there and that’s an honorable accomplishment. It should really have some Indian decor to admire that, right?
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