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Groundhog Day Decor

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Does your home have any personalized decor? We often initial things so if it goes missing, strangers will know who to call. While some enthusiastic organizers may take it the extreme with initials stuck all over mugs, clipboards and car windows, most of us just like having something with our name on it. There’s something about holding something that is personalized whether it’s a sports jersey or a driver’s license. Each of us own at least one detail that is exclusively ours and it provides us with a sense of authority and ownership. Does walking into your home cause you to feel that? When you look around and see Groundhog Day home decor, you’ll get the thrill of ownership all over again. It’ll be like walking into your own personal paradise. See it as monogramming a space. You can even style your Groundhog Day throw pillows with your pictures.

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