Photo Fabric by VisionBedding
Welcome to the world of photo fabric, where the possibilities are never-ending. With VisionBedding, you can design your own fabric, whether that means using your favorite photos or your unique design.

Four Fabric Types
* 60 Inch Plush Suede
Excellent for pillows and other soft goods including quilting!
* 100 Inch Suede
Nearly the same as the 60 inch but not quite as much pile, larger width allows more usable options as this fabric can be up to 100 inches wide and as long as you need (up to 100yards)
* Micro Fleece

Photo Fabric in the Home
Although custom fabric has unlimited uses, the most common ones are in the home. Whether its a rainy-day kids project or a redecorating goal, these are just a few of the things you can do with our custom photo fabric.

Making a Headboard with Photo Fabric. Using a piece of wood, staple gun and foam padding, you can create a headboard that’s not only functional but a work of art. Take your favorite photos, landscape or work of art and use it to create a unique environment in your room.

Spicing Up a Plain Table with Photo Fabric. Whether it’s a round or square table, it can become boring without pretty fresh flowers or an interesting centerpiece. Give that table a makeover by using photo fabric to design a tablecloth with a unique centerpiece already on it. Just design, cut, and display, as easy as 1-2-3.

Designer Window Treatments, Designed By You! You won’t ever have trouble dressing up your windows again, because whatever you have in mind, is what you’ll find with our unique fabric. To do this project you’ll want to measure out your window sizes carefully, look for a pattern or instructions, and watch your room transform from blah to beautiful, whether you’re looking for an island escape every time you look at the windows or a country vacation.

Bring Life Back into an Old Sofa or Ottoman. Using soft microsuede photo fabric, you can create a one-of-a-kind slipcover, bringing an old sofa or ottoman up-to-date. Just measure, find the desired pattern and transform the worn out fabric to fabulous. It’s easy, fast and saves buying a new one when the old one is already perfectly broke in!

Shining light on a new lampshade using photo fabric you can create a new lampshade for an outdated lamp using fabric glue, and an old lampshade or plain lampshade form. Simply cut your custom fabric to fit, glue into place and let dry. When everything is set, display and enjoy!

Don’t let speakers be a fashion faux pas, dress them up with unique fabric of anything you think of! Covering the front and base will make them look like they were designed to fit your stylish space. This project will require some scissors, glue, and a staple gun, but will end with quite a bang as you will have some very unique looking speakers.

Date Added: 11 November, 2010

Photo Fabric - Heavy Knit by Janet Pusins

Being this was my first time ordering your product, I admit that I was a bit skeptical about purchasing the product prior to creating it. However; I had spent a couple of weeks researching different options and VisionBedding just kept coming up at the top of my list, so I chose to give you a try. As I started out designing my product I ran into a few snags, only because I had specific requirements for what I needed. I decided to email you for assistance and I was pleasantly surprised at the Quality Customer Service I received from your Staff. Their responses were immediate, very courteous and they guided me through every step to the final preview. After that your website made it easy for me to keep track of its status. Today, only 10 days after my initial order, I received my product. I want to say that I am extremely overjoyed with it! The quality of the fabric as well as the photo details and text I added, came out absolutely perfect!!! It is truly beautiful and far outweighed all of my expectations. Not only do I plan to use your Company in the future but I will without hesitation, be happy to share this great experience with my family and friends. Thank you thank you thank you....from a very happy Customer indeed!


Date Added: 31 August, 2010

Photo Fabric - Heavy Knit by Emma Grace Snyder

Excellent. Their customer service went above and beyond to help and satifsy my order and my ideas. They stayed with my order daily till they got my order to my satisfaction. I didn't wait days for replies, it was done in hours. Fed x lost my order but I contacted Vision Bedding and it was reshipped immeadiately. I also was very well pleased with the quality of their material. I could not buy a better quality material anywhere else. You will be very pleased, so don't be afraid to give this company's products a try. Em


Date Added: 1 April, 2010

Photo Fabric - Heavy Knit by Marlena Davis

Thanks! You all have gone above and beyond what was expected and have made me an extremely happy customer! You have definitely earned my future business! Keep up the outstanding work and I look forward to working with you again soon!


Date Added: 14 March, 2010

Photo Fabric - Heavy Knit by Samantha Thirkettle

Just a quick note to say thank you. The material and poster arrived in the post today (Australia)


Date Added: 1 January, 2010

Photo Fabric Wide Micro Fleece by Dorothy Dale

The fabric arrived this afternoon. It is beautiful. Thanks, Dorothy