Welcome to the enchanting world of nursery room decor, where dreams come to life and cherished memories are crafted. Creating a nurturing and captivating space for your little one is a delightful journey filled with boundless possibilities. 
As you embark on this adventure, prepare to immerse yourself in a realm of tender colors, whimsical designs, and heartwarming touches. Our aim is to guide you through the process, helping you transform a blank canvas into a haven of love and imagination. 
From selecting the perfect rug and cozy bedding to adorning the walls with delightful artwork and arranging adorable stuffed animals, every element contributes to a harmonious sanctuary that nurtures both comfort and creativity.

Can do any design on any product type you see in my store, Simply send me a message if you cant find it!


- Change the colors of the background or any object.
- Add text (ex: your name, initials or quotes)
- Repeat the pattern or re-scale design
- Add your own logo (NOTE: I do not make logos, please provide your own image to be used)
- Add your own design or photo (you are legally declaring you have the right to use the image)



- This super-soft and lightweight, 100% polyester microfiber baby blanket with bound edging
- great for swaddling, tummy time, and nursing your bundle of joy


- Our  toddler comforter is filled with a down alternative filling which makes it very breathable but warm. It's a must for cold weather!
- Made of a soft, plush microfiber fabric that is manufactured in the USA. The microfiber fabric is like fleece that is sort of "furry".  
- The bottom cotton fabric is white and is made of breathable 320 thread count Sateen Cotton.


- High pigment-based ink
- Canvas frame is 1.5"" in thickness
 - Print is a matte finish
 - Default orientation is in landscape format
 - Can be customized
 - Manufactured in the USA


Area Rug (most popular)
- This is made from vibrant chenille top with durable hemmed edges. 
- Wide selection of sizes and is approximately a quarter of an inch thick, its NOT a thick rug but looks great and wears well!
- Soft for your baby to crawl or walk on

Round Rug
- This round rug comes in 5 feet diameter.
- The design is printed on chenille top with a woven coated bottom.

Baby Blanket
Baby Crib Comforter
Toddler Duvet
Toddler Comforter

Custom Personalized Nursery Decor Bedding Sets

Custom nursery decor created either from your personal photos or your one-of-a-kind design, will ensure that your special child has the most custom crib bedding for their nursery. Give your little one the best, with a personally designed bedding set, to ensure they have the sweetest of dreams.

Use any photo or design you choose. The photos are dyed directly into the fabric, allowing each material to stay very soft and making it machine wash and dryable and will not fade or wear easily. Photos can be of a special toy, a special moment in life or of mom and dad holding your little one. No matter the photo chosen, you can be sure your new baby bedding created from your photo will achieve a heirloom quality and remain a cherished item throughout the child's lifetime.

Each and every baby is different, and their bedding should be no less different.Choosing the perfect baby blanket or a soft crib comforter for your little one's crib can be the center of your their world. With many hours spent in the crib during those beginning months, you want the best in comfort for your baby, as well as a beautiful design. With soft luxurious fabrics, and warm, fuzzy materials for VisionBedding's, blankets, toddler duvets & comforters, and pillows, your little one will be sleeping easily and comfortable. Your photos will be an elegant and whimsical array of decoration and love.

Personalized Toddler Bedding Sets with Duvets and Comforters

When your baby outgrows the crib and enteres the toddler world you can capture all those memories with a personalized toddler bedding set. When lying in a beautiful display of family photos, babys first photo, and special memories your little one will always be surrounded by the people they love most.Your choices are diverse, plentiful and amazing, and the only way to ensure that your special person has a unique bedding set is to create the set yourself. Creative collages of pictures and colors ranging from every shade and hue of pastels to toddler friendly patterns and designs are a few ways to get creative. While traditional toddler style bedding may be the route many parents go - your baby is not like everyone else's and neither should their bedding be. When creating personalized photo bedding, the sky is the limit and the design is unique to your precious child.

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