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Egyptian Window Curtains

For thousands of years, the culture, art and power of ancient Egypt has been a source of inspiration and wonder to people around the world, and now you can introduce the magic and awe of Egypt into your home with our Egyptian window curtains. The Great Pyramids of Giza dominate the horizon, towering over the surrounding desert like mountains, yet they were built by humans millennia ago. Imagine seeing these pyramids every day beneath a cloud-filled golden sky at dawn. We can help you do that.

Millions of people travel across the Earth to view these amazing structures, and now you can enjoy them in your living room or bedroom with our Egyptian drapes reaching from your floor, wall to ceiling. Or would you prefer them with two camels meandering down a sandy beach, blue skies overhead? How about designs depicting the mighty Sphinx, still staring proudly through his nose has fallen off, a mummy sarcophagus, a boat on the Nile River, a woman wearing wings made of feathers and kneeling before a pharaoh with hieroglyphics behind them, a golden statue of a princess, or a winged black cat? If Egyptian mythology fascinates you, then choose curtains with the jackal-headed god Anubis holding a staff in one hand and gesturing to his subjects with the other, or the god Horus, with the head of a hawk, holding a spear and standing before the red, the white and black flag of Egypt. Modern Egypt is also an important place, and we have a certain design that displays words that represent the current struggle there, including PROTEST, REVOLUTION, OPPRESSION, and DEMONSTRATION.

The unparalleled history of Egypt offers endless themes, and you can bring this mystery and beauty into your life with our Egyptian window curtains.

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