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Asian Window Curtains

The Eastern world decor has a style all its own, characterized by bold colors and simplistic lines.  Take these concepts into your own home with our Asian window curtain designs.  We feature images as diverse as mediating buddhas and multi-colored paper lanterns all the way to figures of Asian mythology. The dragon is a central symbol in Asian culture and is included on our Asian window curtains. A fierce black dragon on a deep red background makes a powerful statement. Another attractive style features the Gold City Dragon in its regal splendor.

And if this wide variety of Asian styling does not float your paper lanterns across the water, then why not try to customize your own curtain designs?  Here at VisionBedding, we offer custom sizes and full personalization that lets you take any room with windows and elevate it into a space as soothing as a forest river sprinkled with stacked rocks.  The Asian window curtains make for an honest and chic home that will manage calmness without sacrificing vividness.  Your style is as timeless as Asian culture, so why not make your curtains customized according to your artistic preferences?

Lovers of the fearsome phoenix will be drawn to Asian window curtains that feature a decorative drawing of the bird, complete with multi-colored flowing feathers on a royal purple background. People who want to add something whimsy to their room decor will love the sushi bar Asian drapes. The images of four different kinds of sushi are realistic enough to make anyone hungry, even kids. Panda bears and cartoon children also add some fun to the valances of a room.

These styles are also perfect for a child's room featuring an Asian motif. Yin yang is the ancient Chinese theory for how things work, illustrating the interconnectedness and interdependence of seemingly contrary forces. The underlying concept is that opposites can only exist in relation to each other. Home decor featuring this theme gives us a reality check when we enter a room, reminding us that balance in life is absolutely essential for children and adults alike.  A landscape theme is perfect for these drapes. The result is elegant and the hues used in these designs coordinate well with many color schemes. Another refined style features a Japanese cherry blossom embroidered onto a peach-colored curtain. This looks beautiful hanging in front of a window in an oriental themed room with peach, rust, or brown-colored wall art.

Embrace the culture you love with Asian window curtains hanging in your master bedroom or living room.  Not only will these designs integrate with your other styles as easily as cherry blossoms flow in a stream, they will become conversation starters for your friends and family.  Create a space that is as meditative as it is exciting, and let that style suffuse your home and make an impact on your entire family.

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