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Garden Wall Murals

Garden Wall Murals

It might be an indoor wall but it looks like the perfect outdoor garden with a custom size garden wall mural or wall sticker from VisionBedding. Gardening is a wonderful pass time that gives the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Once the harvest is done and winter approaches, the gardening fun is gone, but it doesn't have to be with a personalized wall mural that lasts all year long. Turn any wall into a beautiful flower garden with a custom sized mural that will have everyone wondering why they cant smell the roses.

With no need to weed or water, a garden wall graphic makes a great choice to give an open-air feel to any room. One of the greatest aspects of gardening is simply being able to enjoy the outdoors. But when the weather turns cold or rainy the garden can no longer be enjoyed.

A wall mural design featuring a brightly lit orange grove under a clear blue sky can be just what is needed to clear up a rainy day. Or perhaps flower gardens are a favorite choice. A self stick wall mural filled with tulips of every shade under a bright sky is sure to make any day more enjoyable with beautiful blooming flowers that last all year long.

Whether it is a vegetable or flower garden that brings the most joy there are plenty of designs to choose from. With thousands of garden wall mural designs available, there is sure to be a style that suits everyone. Sometimes a stylized garden rather than a real one is what is desired.

A stylized garden makes for an ideal image to add a unique style to any room. A blowing breeze of colorful flowers and butterflies is a wonderful garden wall mural design that any teenage girl would love to have on her wall. While a few flowers and watering pal in a cartoon style, is a great mural design that any little boy or girl who loves to help out in the garden will enjoy.

Stylized designs are a wonderful way to set a room or hallway apart and bring a personalized touch to a wall decor design not found anywhere else. Garden wall graphic designs aren't limited to vegetable and flower gardens. There is an array of rock garden designs as well.

A stairway leading up a boulder laden path that has been landscaped so well it almost appears as a stairway to heaven, is a truly unique removable design. Or for a more inspirational approach a design showing a watering pale causing healthy green grass to grow wherever it leads makes for a joyful choice. No matter the type of garden or the style preferred a one of a kind wall decor design is sure to set a room apart from any other.

Suppose you could have the color and beauty of formal garden landscaping such as the Butch art Gardens, Monet's Garden, or Huntington Gardens inside your home. These gorgeous settings can be yours without the trouble of planting, digging, or yard work through our garden wall stickers. With our custom garden wall stickers, your surroundings will seem as idyllic as the pure out-of-doors.

Great for cheery kids' rooms, brightening up the dining room or den, or use them in a garden room or porch for a gardening theme. Garden wall stickers even stay on outdoor surfaces, come in custom sizes and are easily removable!

NOTE: Camera & Copyright marks will NOT be on actual product. Each Design Can Be Customized!

NOTE: Camera & Copyright marks will NOT be on actual product. Each Design Can Be Customized!