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VisionBedding's  vast collection of designs in our wall mural gallery allow you to showcase your personality and passions, and your taste in decor also show your kids how much you care about them by helping them personalize their rooms with the wall murals that display their own fantasies and interests.

Choose a landscape themed wall mural that exhibits a precise panoramic photo of vistas from your favorite country, such as Morocco, Italy or France. Or go for custom size wall murals that depict your ideal vacation spot, whether it's an alpine mountain scene, a metropolitan cityscape, or an idyllic countryside. Look through our endless wall mural gallery with your kids and let them select the unique designs they will adore. For a boy, peruse our selection of animal wall art. He'll surely find the animals that thrill him the most displayed as crystal clear photographs or illustrations.

From cheetahs to deer and bears to dinosaurs we have almost every animal imaginable. For girls, checkout our custom size floral wall mural designs. Give your precious child a personalized design for her room that shows flowers in her favorite colors. Teenagers love our music themed murals. Whatever music your kid goes crazy for we have the right styles in stock.

How about a rock n roll mural or hip hop, jazz or even a punk style. These are just a tiny fraction of the endless number of options we have for you to personalize each room in your home. You can also combine wall murals with bedding, shower curtains, and pillows themed in maps, the 1960s, argyle and almost any other style you can imagine.